Michael Kors Sale

When Michael Kors Has A Sale But You’re Broke I’m not going to be selfish and not share. Let’s all be sad together – lol! Check out these prices on these Michael Kors bags. Where are the gift cards when you need them! These are good prices. Thank me later … CONTINUE READING

Items Every Woman Should Add To Her Purse

Her Purse Carries Her House We women are complex individuals. Most of us take planning for unforeseen circumstances seriously because we like having a backup plan for issues when they happen. Many of these backup plans require packing the right items in our purse. A woman’s purse “carries her house” … CONTINUE READING

Spring Fashion Colors 2017 by Pantone

The color selection for Spring Fashion Colors 2017 by Pantone is vibrant with a hint of nude colors for balance. There is a great variation of colors to choose from for when you are considering making your next fashionable purchase. However, I am certain many of us already own items … CONTINUE READING