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  • Letterhead Size for Binders and Picture Frame (8.5 x 11 in)
  • Colors: Pink and Gray

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  • Pink Set Positive Affirmations Cover
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Staying motivated, or building self-esteem, requires positive thinking. However, sometimes depending on the situation, positive thinking isn’t easy.

Thankfully, we can use self-help positive affirmations printable to personally develop a positive mindset despite what’s going on around us.

What are Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations are short phrases created for the sole purpose of training the mind to develop and maintain a positive mindset.

In turn, these positive emotions improve self-esteem, boost productivity and creativity despite all odds.

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Are Positive Affirmations Effective?

Using positive affirmation to improve thinking is effective. In fact, when used correctly and consistently, positive affirmations can help train the mind to think positively and help one believe in their own abilities.

Thereby, simultaneously building and improving one’s self-esteem without intervention.

Thus, positive affirmations can help improve self-esteem and encourage the pursuit of life goals and overall happiness.

How To Use This Positive Affirmations Printable

First, start taking five deep breaths in and out to calm your mind.

This breathing exercise will help clear your mind, calm down and gain composer to create an inspiring space where you can begin using affirmations to positively change your mood and or manifest your dreams, wishes, and desires.

Overall, affirmations are great personal development tools that train one’s mind to seek the light at the end of every dark tunnel or attract light at the darkest hour.

Therefore, use this Positive Affirmations Printable as a daily reminder of the awesome person you are – a person who is capable of making positive changes to improve the outcome of daily life struggles and overall life.


  • Compatible with Letter Size Planner Binders and Picture Frames

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