If Kim Kardashian Can Do It Then Why Not Beyonce? | We Were Not Ready For These Beyonce Pics

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It seems like in this social media era posting nudes or semi-nude photos is what’s popping. These celebrities prove time after time no matter how much money and fame they have their relevancy seems to revolve and depend on constant public attention.




Kim Kardashian And Several Others Did It First

Remember when Kim Kardashian posted this photo and the social media gang dragged her? Boy … they went in.



A post shared by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

Some people stated they are tired of seeing her butt all over the web.  Now was it a bad picture? Well, it depends? Should a wife and mother post nudes or semi-nudes online? I’ll let you have your own opinion about that since we all have a preference.

Anything Goes Nowadays … Is That It?

Nowadays it seems like whatever pays the bills goes. However, in their case what’s their excuse though because we know they ain’t out here missing any meals.


Beyonce Said Move Over Kim Let Me Show You Game

In my mind, Beyonce would never until I saw this photo today.


Dear #Beyonce: I was not ready!!! ??? #BreakfastInBed #JayZ #OnTheRunTourBook

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The Carters have been so private with their relationship, so to see them here like this had me thinking is this for the tour? Why now?

I’m here For Both Pictures

These people are out here living their lives we can choose whether we want to be the spectators. Anyway, I like both pictures of both women. They both look great. In terms of the Beyonce and Jay-Z pictures, the only other question I have is who was the photographer? Hmm … Must be a self-time camera with angles.

What do y’all think about these photos?

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