What Every Lifestyle Blogger Ought To Know

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Website SEO is a B!tch and A Blog’s Traffic Actually Depends On Her

Yes, I said it SEO really is. There are so many rules and they change constantly, thus it’s hard to keep up. This week one blogging guru recommends you do one thing then the following week this strategy no longer works. There is so much content about increasing a blog’s traffic by fixing a website’s SEO.

Blogging Truths and Blogging Tips - 9

If you don’t believe me search now and you will see how ridiculous it is. For the most part, it is not these bloggers fault since Google constant change their algorithm. However, it is overwhelming at first just to understand it and to keep up with all it.

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2 thoughts on “What Every Lifestyle Blogger Ought To Know”

  1. What a wealth of resources! I agree, blogging is time consuming. All of the work AFTER a post is written is so demanding! I still haven’t gotten the hang of Pinterest although I do realize that a lot of people use it and a lot of Google image results are from Pinterest.

  2. Thank you. ? Pinterest is where it’s at for now. This blog gets more traffic from Pinterest than Google. ? The key to Pinterest is adding attractive Pins, sharing valuable content of others and joining the right groups. Regarding the groups it’s getting more difficult to get into them since most of them no longer accept contributors. However, definitely keep on working with Pinterest you will see the result soon enough. ?

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