What Every Lifestyle Blogger Ought To Know

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So Creating A Social Media Strategy Is Highly Necessary

While social media marketing is instrumental in increasing your blog’s traffic the gag is you need to develop a social media strategy to benefit. Being active or trying to maintain a presence on every social media account is setting yourself up for disappointment – especially if you’re doing so without the use of schedulers which I will discuss shortly.

Blogging Truths and Blogging Tips - 11

Additionally, these social media platforms longevity is very unpredictable. So while increasing your web presence is essential for increasing your brand awareness you need to ensure you are not sacrificing improving the content on your blog and building an email list. However, overall, it’s about finding that right balance and putting your effort towards what works for your blog.

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2 thoughts on “What Every Lifestyle Blogger Ought To Know”

  1. What a wealth of resources! I agree, blogging is time consuming. All of the work AFTER a post is written is so demanding! I still haven’t gotten the hang of Pinterest although I do realize that a lot of people use it and a lot of Google image results are from Pinterest.

  2. Thank you. ? Pinterest is where it’s at for now. This blog gets more traffic from Pinterest than Google. ? The key to Pinterest is adding attractive Pins, sharing valuable content of others and joining the right groups. Regarding the groups it’s getting more difficult to get into them since most of them no longer accept contributors. However, definitely keep on working with Pinterest you will see the result soon enough. ?

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