What Every Lifestyle Blogger Ought To Know

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Start a blog by Self-Hosting or Free Blogging Platform

In the beginning, self-hosting is not required. However, if you want freedom with your blog and you want to experiment with WordPress.org then self-hosting is the only way to go. It’s definitely the harder option because you will have to maintain the blog and its database. However, in the long-run, you have the ability to master new skills that can be very valuable depending on your career path. Additionally, some bloggers have successfully developed powerful brands with their blogs and earn a living from their blog.

Blogging Truths and Blogging Tips - 15

Using Siteground Web Hosting Among Others

If you decide a self-hosting blog is your preference there are many self-hosting companies out there including BluehostGodaddy, one.com, Dyn, and Siteground – they are popular picks among bloggers. Currently, Siteground web hosting service is used for this blog and I am happy with the service. Siteground customer support associates are very helpful and knowledgeable – they always have solutions to the many problems I have had with my website especially in the beginning.


Alternatives Self Hosting Site

If you can’t be bothered with a self-hosting blog, for now, WordPress.com, and Blogger.com are great options. They are easy to set up and you don’t have to maintain the blogs. All you have to worry about is creating content, and promoting. However, you must follow the rules and guidelines of these services to remain an active user. Nevertheless, if you want to blog, then, by all means, make a blog site and start adding content. You won’t know if it’s something you will enjoy until you try it out yourself. Good luck and happy blogging!


Blogging Resources I Use And Highly Recommend

Self-Hosting Your Blog: Siteground.com

Monetize Your Blog: Shareasale.com, MagicLinks.com, Google Adsense, Skimlinks

Graphic Design: Canva.com

Scheduler: Crowdfire, Boardbooster (Closed read more about it here), Tailwind

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2 thoughts on “What Every Lifestyle Blogger Ought To Know”

  1. What a wealth of resources! I agree, blogging is time consuming. All of the work AFTER a post is written is so demanding! I still haven’t gotten the hang of Pinterest although I do realize that a lot of people use it and a lot of Google image results are from Pinterest.

  2. Thank you. ? Pinterest is where it’s at for now. This blog gets more traffic from Pinterest than Google. ? The key to Pinterest is adding attractive Pins, sharing valuable content of others and joining the right groups. Regarding the groups it’s getting more difficult to get into them since most of them no longer accept contributors. However, definitely keep on working with Pinterest you will see the result soon enough. ?

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