What Every Lifestyle Blogger Ought To Know

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You Will Eventually Need To Learn Some Coding Starting With HTML

Knowing and understanding the basic HTML framework will help but it’s not necessary unless you want to develop and design your blog theme. There are so many themes on WordPress.org, WordPress.com and Blogger.com to choose from so unless you know advance HTML your better option will be to select a theme provided by these entities and tweak it to your liking. However, if you really want to develop and design your own theme there are resources you can use to do so – you just need the time, patience and the willingness to invest in a few courses.

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Then CSS For Sure

Knowing CSS have been very helpful. It has allowed me to somewhat customize this blog theme to my liking and so far I think it’s alright. I don’t think I will make changes anytime soon, because it is very time-consuming.


And Some JavaScript and PHP Maybe

I say maybe because unless you want to develop your own blog theme then I would not worry about learning either programming languages. However, knowing basic JavaScript and PHP can be very helpful if you really want to customize a pre-existing theme. Out of the four programming languages I have mentioned I find JavaScript and PHP the most difficult to comprehend, however, it is not impossible. I believe with time and crashing a website a few times will help increase my competency using these languages. Currently, I know enough to maintain my self-hosting blog comfortably, so for now, I am not pressing the issue. Overall it will be to your advantage to become comfortable with these languages at least at the basic level especially if you intend to self-host your blog.


Where You Can Learn Programming Languages

If you are willing to learn programming languages there are resources available. Some are totally free while others will require a monetary investment not just your time. However, whatever method you choose is solely up to you. I used Coursera, Udemy, Treehouse, Khan Academy, W3Schools, Code.org, and of course good old YouTube. They were all helpful to various degrees but nothing bets crashing your website a couple of times and having to delete the database and starting all over. Trust me, if you are an inquisitive hands-on learner like me then messing things up a few times will definitely help. Here are a few websites that provide great content for new bloggers who want to learn the basics or just anyone who wants to learn programming languages for web design and web development projects:

Khan Academy

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2 thoughts on “What Every Lifestyle Blogger Ought To Know”

  1. What a wealth of resources! I agree, blogging is time consuming. All of the work AFTER a post is written is so demanding! I still haven’t gotten the hang of Pinterest although I do realize that a lot of people use it and a lot of Google image results are from Pinterest.

  2. Thank you. ? Pinterest is where it’s at for now. This blog gets more traffic from Pinterest than Google. ? The key to Pinterest is adding attractive Pins, sharing valuable content of others and joining the right groups. Regarding the groups it’s getting more difficult to get into them since most of them no longer accept contributors. However, definitely keep on working with Pinterest you will see the result soon enough. ?

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