Spring Fashion Colors 2017 by Pantone

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The color selection for Spring Fashion Colors 2017 by Pantone is vibrant with a hint of nude colors for balance. There is a great variation of colors to choose from for when you are considering making your next fashionable purchase. However, I am certain many of us already own items in similar colors. So go through your closet and search for items that closely match this year’s spring colors and make them work. We are not going broke trying to buy items based on the Pantone’s color selection for the upcoming season. We forward thinking fashionistas are sticking to our “save more money” New Year’s resolution or will try to perhaps.


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Pantone’s Spring Fashion Colors 2017


Pantone Spring Fashion Colors

Pantone’s Colors Similar Colors Key
Kale Amy Green 1
Pale Dogwood Pink nude 2
Hazelnut Nude 3
Pink Yarrow Magenta 4
Flame Dark Orange 5
Lapis Blue Navy Blue 6
Island Paradise Light Turquoise 7
Niagara Steel Blue 8
Prime Rose Light Mustad 9
Greenery Apple Green 10


Favorite Spring Fashion Colors

My favorite from the spring fashion colors includes Pale Dogwood, Pink Yarrow, Niagara, Kale and Prime Rose.


Pale Dogwood Featuring a Sweetheart Ball Gown

Chic 002


Pale Dogwood is a gorgeous pale pink. I would definitely rock a blouse, a dress or a pair of pumps in that color.


Pink Yarrow Featuring Charlotte Tilbury Paraben Free Makeup

Pink Lippy


Pink Yarrow is a beauty pink – it would be a great lipstick shade that would suit many skin tones topped with some lip gloss if needed.


Niagara and Kale Featuring Olive Green Jacket and Chanel Shoulder Bag

Chic 003


Niagara and Kale would be perfect colors for handbags, jeans, and outerwear.



Prime Rose Featuring Coach 1941 Yellow PurseChic 001


Prime Rose would be a great color for blazers, handbags, and clutches. The yellow blazer was trending in 2012, so who knows it might make a comeback this spring. Meanwhile, let’s search through our closets and see what we could find!


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What’s your favorite from Pantone Spring Fashion Colors and how would you rock them?

XX, Janette


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