Paris Jackson Says Stop It

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There is always something on Twitter that will either have you rolling on the floor laughing or rolling your eyes and saying, huh?

Well, Paris Jackson did not disappoint – this was definitely a “huh” moment.

Paris Jackson Says Stop It

As usual, there is always a reason behind these celebrities’ outbursts.

Sometimes they are just fed up with others being inconsiderate, or sometimes it’s really just another publicity stunt aimed at positioning themselves in front of a larger targeted audience.

Paris Jackson Enjoys The Edit But

Paris Jackson, the daughter of the late singer Michael Jackson, is calling out those guilty of darkening and lightening her skin to suit their own agendas.

Apparently, while she enjoys the edits, she is sick and tired of people lightening her skin to make her look whiter or darkening her skin to make her look mixed.

She states she knows what she looks like, and she is finally happy with it.

Was Paris Jackson really fed up with the alleged lighter or darker photoshopped images of her or was she trying to go viral with this tweet hoping to gain more attention since photoshopping is still a big deal.

Nothing is really how it seems nowadays, so don’t take anything at face value.

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Perhaps For Marketing

However, it is probable her pictures are being altered for marketing campaigns.

Some brands will do anything to get the attention of their targeted audience.

By altering the image, brands can create an appearance that is more relatable depending on the targeted audience.

So from a marketing stance, I see how they could deliberately darken or lighten her skin.

What’s The Point

Outside of marketing, why would people deliberately lighten or darken Paris’s skin?

What’s the point anyway?

But whatever it is, deliberately darkening or lightening her pictures is wrong – let the girl be.

So what do you all think? Was she fed up or just seeking attention?

See tweet below.

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