Sampling Foundations Without Committing

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Sampling Foundations Before Purchasing

Sampling foundations before purchasing is very important, especially since many makeup foundations do not perform as they should.  I still own a few disappoints, because I kept them hoping that they would somehow work. This is one of the bad habits I listed here in this blog. You should not keep foundations that are not working for you – take them back to the store for a refund.  There is no shame in doing so – it will be beneficial to your skin and bank account in the long-run.  Additionally, make this a priority for high-end makeup products.


Nowadays I sample first! If I can’t sample I don’t commit to a full bottle. Based on my past experiences most of these foundations high-end or low-end makeup are very similar in terms of the final results. You either like or hate the results.

What’s your favorite foundation?

XX, Janette


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