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Setting Graduation Date | Life Surviving College Series

Setting graduation date should be part of your college plan from day one. The point is to get that degree as quickly as possible and save yourself money. Your five years by your competitors four or three years with a similar background is not going to earn you any brownie points. This is the first post under the Life Surviving College Series on this blog. Stay tune, as other issues will be addressed.


Know Your Classes Schedule

Become very knowledgeable about the classes you need to complete and when they are usually offered to graduate on time. This might sound simple like no big deal, but don’t depend solely on your advisers to tell you about the classes you need to complete for your degree. While they are responsible for guiding you remember this is primary your journey, not theirs, so make sure you have a solid plan about what classes you are going to take and when. Make it a priority to find out which semesters each class is offered and the prerequisite for each class. Taking the wrong classes will dramatically delay your graduation date and this is one of the details employers will notice on your résumé.



So with all that said just be responsible for your education. It’s a very expensive endeavor considering all the money and time needed. So ensure you plan and work hard to get something valuable out of it because you can’t get a refund of money or time if your end result is unsatisfactory.

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What’s your college story?

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