How to Make Pizza from Scratch Using Pizza Hacks

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Pizza is a way of life! You have to do more than just taste the pizza, you have to feel the pizza.

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Okay maybe you don’t have to do all that, but pizza is life and that’s all that matters for us pizza lovers.

Thankfully, getting a pizza craving satisfied is very easy. In fact, it is as easy as placing your order over the telephone and getting the pizza delivered.

However, sometimes you just want to make your own pizza because:

  • You’re probably trying to save money
  • Maybe your pizza tastes way better than your local pizzeria …
  • or you’re hosting a pizza night with a few friends and everyone is making their pizza from scratch

Either way, whatever the reason maybe we can agree sometimes making your own pizza from scratch isn’t the easiest thing in the world. So here are a few pizza hacks to make the process a lot easier.

Pizza Hacks for Creating Great Pizza Easier

  • Use a bread maker to make your pizza dough
  • Preheat the oven before preparing the pizza
  • Roll your pizza dough on parchment paper or baking paper
  • Place the pizza dough on the pizza pan that fits the pizza
  • Don’t be shy with the pizza toppings but don’t go crazy either

Use a Bread Maker to Make the Pizza Dough

I always had trouble creating the dough for whatever reason but not anymore! Now making my pizza dough is a breeze thanks to my bread maker. If you are having trouble making your pizza dough, then consider using this pizza hack – trust me it will change your “pizza life” forever!

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Preheat the oven before preparing the pizza

Always preheat the oven before you start mixing the ingredients to create the pizza dough to ensure the oven is hot and ready once the pizza is ready for baking.

Roll Pizza Dough on Parchment Paper or Baking Paper

While adding flour to your countertop prevents the pizza dough from sticking to the surface it can get really messy.

Thankfully there is parchment paper. With parchment paper, the need for flour decreases dramatically. In fact, in some cases, you can completely omit the flour.

However to easily transfer the pizza dough from the parchment paper to the pizza pan, use a little bit of flour place on the surface of the parchment paper before rolling out the pizza dough.

Now if you always worry about cleaning up after, well you don’t have to anymore since parchment paper was used. How cool is this pizza hack?

Now you just have to get rid of that parchment paper to clear your countertop.

Place the Pizza Dough on the Pizza Pan That Fits

Make sure the pizza dough is placed on a pizza pan that fits. This will ensure there’s enough room to help the pizza dough expand into a nice even layer.

Don’t Be Shy With Adding Pizza Toppings but don’t go crazy either

Don’t be shy with adding pizza toppings to your pizza but don’t go crazy either, because adding too many pizza toppings can produce a soggy pizza and we don’t approve of soggy pizzas.

Now using these pizza hacks you are ready to bake your pizza! So go ahead and create your best pizza masterpiece!

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