Legit Reasons You Might Want To Drop The Class From Day One

Legit Reasons You Might Want To Drop The Class

Can’t Understand the Professor – Drop The Class If you can’t understand what the Professor is saying, chances are it will be very difficult for you to understand the concepts he or she will be discussing in class as the semester progress, so drop the class. You might say I will read when I get home and make it make sense. From experience some classes … CONTINUE READING

5 Reasons You Should Start Decluttering Your Life

5 Reasons You Should Start Decluttering Your Life | Chiclypoised | Chiclypoised.com Chic 1

Decluttering your life could be as simple as organizing your closet or as hard as quitting bad habits that are preventing you from realizing your full potential, consequently preventing you from finding your life purpose. While decluttering might not be the only way to positively impact your life it definitely can be very helpful in getting you back on the right path if you’ve lost … CONTINUE READING

Is Ipsy Monthly Beauty Subscription Worth the Hype?

Is Ipsy Monthly Beauty Subscription Worth the Hype? | Chiclypoised | Chiclypoised.com | Chic03

What is Ipsy? Ipsy is a monthly beauty subscription company founded by Jennifer Jaconetti Goldfarb, Michelle Phan and Marcelo Camberos in 2011. The beauty subscription cost $10 per monthly free shipping for customers in the US. For $10 you receive a glam bag with five sample-sized beauty products. I have been subscribed to their monthly glam bag for a while now but during that period … CONTINUE READING

Styling Off Shoulder Tops Like A Pro

Styling Off Shoulder Tops | Chiclypoised | Chiclypoised.com

Styling Off Shoulder Tops We’re styling off shoulder tops and we’re using Badgalriri’s outfit as a guide. This outfit is relatively easy to pull off. This girl slays anything! LOL! Here she is rocking this casual street style. To dupe this look, an off shoulder top, a pair of oversized jeans and a pair of pointy-toe or slingbacks pumps are required.   READ ALSO: Be Stylish … CONTINUE READING

e.l.f. An Affordable Cosmetics Brand Especially For Students on A Tight College Budget

Elf An Affordable Makeup Brand Especially For College Students On A Budget 03 | Chiclypoised | Chiclypoised.com

Looking Back   When I first heard of e.l.f. I was skeptical.   Like a $1 for beauty products, like really? Why are they so cheap? Are they damaged or bad quality? Why would beauty products so cheap be of any value? These were my original thoughts because compared to the department store products the prices of e.l.f. products seemed too good to be true. … CONTINUE READING

Why You Shouldn’t Try To Address Every Situation

Every Situation Doesn’t Need An Opinion Have you ever been in a situation where you felt the need to give your opinion about the situation? However, you had that gut feeling you really didn’t know all the facts? Well unless the situation is life-threatening, you might want to really consider what impact your opinion might have on the current situation before giving one. Some of … CONTINUE READING

Concealers That Can Replace Your Foundations

A makeup routine with fewer steps is one you will likely commit to and enjoy doing. The more products your makeup routine contains the more steps you will have to complete before you complete the routine. Hence, having products that can perform the job of other products is what you should strive to include in your makeup routine. Consequently, concealers and foundations are mainly used … CONTINUE READING