10 Common Makeup Habits We’re Ditching This Year

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This post is about 10 common makeup habits we’re ditching this year.

Find out what makeup habits you should be ditching before the year ends!

Let’s quit these bad makeup habits now.

I know it’s not easy, but with a little practice, we all can make better choices that will help us achieve our skincare goals and get the flawless makeup look we desire every time.

Now let’s discuss the 10 makeup habits we’re ditching this year!

1. Not Researching A Makeup Product Before Purchasing

There are many resources you should use to make an informed decision before purchasing.

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Your first resource is Google search. Prospective buyers should always search until they are adequately informed about a makeup product.

Your second resource is YouTube.

Use YouTube

View some YouTube videos and make sure you read the comments!

The YouTube video comment section has been very helpful in helping me decide whether a product is worth researching further.

MakeupAlley is also a great website you can use to research products – people are also brutally honest on there as well.

2. Continue Using Makeup Products That Don’t Work

Did you ever purchase a product on your first try, but it just didn’t work, but you kept using it hoping that it would?

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I think most of us have been there at some point trying our hardest to make a product work, because of the resources we have already invested.

Instead, Return Makeup Products

The best solution is simply to return the product – doing this creates an opportunity to try new products that might be better suited for your skin type.

Sell Products On Poshmark and Glambot

If you missed the deadline, gift or sell the product. Sell used makeup on Poshmark and Glambot.

So if the product is not working out, let it be and let it go.

Remember, a product that works for everyone might not necessarily work for you, so stop being so difficult on yourself, return the bad product and get your money back!

3. Hoarding Expired Makeup Products

So you purchased this expensive product four years ago, used it once didn’t like it, but kept it anyway because the package looks pretty –  does this ring a bell?

Now the product is expired, but you still kept it in your makeup drawer filled with other expired products you’re keeping for the same reason.

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It’s okay, we all have that one product that’s only good for decor.

Using Expired Makeup Products

However, please ensure you are not using these expired products, especially if you have problematic skin.

If you feel you must because you are not about to let your coins go to waste, research the ingredients to find out if the product could still be used.

I found that returning products to the store prior to the return deadline helps control the amount of unused expired products in my drawer, also finishing a product before buying another one helps.

4. Using Dirty Makeup Brushes And Makeup Sponges To Apply Foundation

Quit this habit immediately!

Clean makeup tools are required for applying flawless makeup.

Additionally, using dirty makeup brushes and sponges isn’t recommendable, especially for individuals who are struggling with acne.

So do your skin a huge favor by ensuring your application tools are clean.

This, in turn, will lessen the chances of you breaking out.

DIY Solution For Washing Makeup Brushes And Makeup Sponges

To date, my best DIY solution for washing my brushes and sponges is a mixture of vinegar and Dawn Ultra dishwashing soap.

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This mixture is very effective in cleaning both makeup sponges and brushes.

If you are not a DIY fan, I’m sure there are plenty of makeup brushes and makeup sponge cleansers on the market that would get the job done.

Additionally, if you want a flawless application, your tools must be clean.

Clean makeup sponges and brushes will help you apply and blend your foundation easier and quicker.

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5. Not Using A Moisturizer

No matter how oily you are, skipping moisturizer is not an option.

Moisturizing before applying makeup helps the foundation adhere to the skin better.

It also allows you to blend the foundation better and use more powder without creating a “cakeface”.

Top Moisturizer For Minimizing Pores

My favorite moisturizer is St. Ives Timeless Skin Collagen Elastin Facial Moisturizer.

This moisturizer works great with my oily skin.

It really helps minimize my pores and moisturizes my oily skin just enough.

6. Not Blending Foundation Properly

In order to get the best flawless makeup look, blend as if your life depends on it!

Some foundations are notoriously difficult to blend, no matter what makeup application tool you use.

To combat this issue, apply your foundation lightly in small sections.

Additionally, blend around your hairline and jawline to avoid a “mask-like appearance.

These techniques work really well, especially when testing new foundations.

10 Makeup Habits We’re Ditching This Year | Chiclypoised.com

7. Doing Too Much To Make The Wrong Shade Of Foundation Work

I am so guilty of this habit, it’s low-key funny and a little shameful.

One guaranteed way to not get the flawless makeup look you desire is to use the wrong shade of foundation.

This adds more time to your makeup application because you now have to contour excessively if the foundation is too light or highlight excessively if the foundation is too dark in order for the foundation to match your skin tone.

Find Your Correct Skin Undertone

Combat this issue by finding out what your skin undertone is.

There are numerous articles online that can help you determine your correct skin undertone.

Articles from Essence and StyleCaster helped me determine my skin undertones.

In addition, purchase foundations from stores with a return policy and request samples when possible.

8. Failing To Set Your Foundation And Concealer

If you are an oily individual, skipping this step can be disastrous, especially when it is extremely hot and humid.

Both products transfer easily when not set.

Setting your foundation and concealer helps keep your makeup in place, prevents creasing, and helps your makeup last longer.

Setting powders are affordable, so you don’t have to break the bank to own one.

Top Drugstore Setting Powder

The drugstores carry many brands, just find one that works for your skin type.

My favorite to date is Coty Airspun Translucent Powder.

After you get a flawless makeup look you want it to stay in place and this powder helps keep foundation and concealer in place.

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Buy it at Walmart for the best deal.

Another option is Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder – it’s pricey, but some people swear by it so if you could get your hands on a sample it’s worth a try.

9. Falling Asleep With Makeup On

Sleeping with makeup on is not optional, especially if you have problematic skin!

I found that keeping a pack of makeup remover wipes next to the bed really helps.

Favorite Makeup Wipes

My favorite makeup wipes to date are Clean and Clear Makeup Dissolving Facial Cleansing Wipes – they’re cheap, and they work.

Others like the Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes and Mac Wipes are good too.

So before you head out, place your wipes next to the bed for easier access to some form of makeup remover.

10. Getting Caught Up In Bizarre Makeup Trends

Using kitchen cutlery to apply makeup – this trend had me wondering why some individuals are so crazily adventurous regarding makeup.

For me, “that’s a no, dawg” in my Randy Jackson voice.

I just couldn’t join this trend. A small contour brush gets the job done, no need for a knife.

That trend was just too much for me to handle.

Stay True To Your Style

Trends will come and go, don’t be afraid to try a few out, but remember to always stay true to your style or your method and be self-aware.

A trend that might work for someone you know might not necessarily work for you, so bear that in mind.

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So do what works for you in order to get the flawless makeup look you desire, don’t mind the crazy trends.

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