120 Things To Ditch – Top Decluttering List

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This post gives you the ultimate decluttering list to sort your life.

Use this list to get rid of material things you no longer use, want, or need.

Things to trash, delete, cancel or gift

It is so easy to become overwhelmed by having too much stuff.

Therefore, decluttering is vital and should be done regularly.

Here is a decluttering list of 120 things to cancel, delete, donate, sell, recycle, gift or just toss before the year ends!

100+ Things To Cancel, Delete, Donate, Sell, Recycle, Gift Or Just Toss Before The Year Ends

100+ Things To Get Rid of

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Decluttering List

    1. Instruction manuals
    2. Old lanyards, and name tags
    3. Expired vitamins and supplements
    4. Old post-it notes
    5. Excessive shopping bags
    6. Old flat pillows
    7. Damaged storage containers
    8. Old calendars
    9. Gloopy nail polish
    10. Gunged up mascara
    11. Gifts you don’t want or use
    12. Old damage headphones
    13. Tarnished fashion jewelry
    14. Outdated magazines
    15. Expired pantry items
    16. Old electronics
    17. Expired makeup products
    18. Broken hair clips and pins
    19. Perfumes you no longer use
    20. Dry eyeliner
    21. Expired condoms
    22. Old dry highlighters
    23. Expired product samples
    24. Old stain bath rugs
    25. Old candles
    26. Mini pieces of soap
    27. Broken combs and hairbrushes
    28. Expired skincare products
    29. Old matted wigs beyond repair
    30. Gifts from your ex
    31. Damage makeup brushes
    32. Empty boxes
    33. Food the family don’t eat anymore
    34. Clothes you’ve just outgrown
    35. Broken mirrors
    36. Old bath towels
    37. Expired toiletries
    38. Damaged scratched up sunglasses
    39. Damage cell phones cases
    40. Outdated vouchers
    41. Expired medications
    42. Outdated journals, agendas, and planners
    43. Old batteries
    44. Excessive pens and pencils collected during college
    45. Unused vases
    46. Phone books
    47. Outdated electronics
    48. Furniture manuals
    49. Sales catalogs
    50. Ink cartridges
    51. Books you gave up reading
    52. Old membership cards
    53. Concealers that don’t match your skin tone
    54. Old CDs
    55. Excessive eyeshadow palettes

    100+ Things To Cancel, Delete, Donate, Sell, Recycle, Gift Or Just Toss

    1. Old DVDs
    2. Empty or dried out pens
    3. Old drink coasters
    4. Expired meat
    5. Old sauces
    6. Extra dishware
    7. Old phone accessories
    8. Empty bottles
    9. Old novels you no longer read
    10. Recipe books you don’t want
    11. Old mixtapes
    12. Scrap letters and mail
    13. Old spices you no longer use
    14. Empty containers, tubes, and bottles
    15. Worn out bedsheets
    16. Old toothbrush
    17. Worn-out wash rags
    18. Shoes that don’t fit
    19. Worn out shoes
    20. Bags with worn-out handles you no longer use
    21. Worn out stocks
    22. Purses you never use
    23. Scarves you never wear
    24. Free t-shirts you will never wear
    25. Jeans that don’t fit
    26. Dresses that are too tight
    27. Clothes with holes
    28. Worn out bras
    29. Stained clothes
    30. Shrunken sweaters
    31. Panties that no longer fit
    32. Ragged t-shirts
    33. The music you no longer listen to
    34. YouTube channels you don’t watch anymore
    35. Old documents you don’t need
    36. Duplicated photos
    37. Unwanted movies
    38. Unwanted music from your music library
    39. Spam folder emails
    40. Old DMs
    41. Emails you don’t need
    42. Phone apps you don’t use
    43. Screenshots you no longer need
    44. Phone contacts you no longer call
    45. Old text messages
    46. All desktop applications you no longer use
    47. Services you no longer use or need
    48. Old notepads
    49. Old school papers and presentations
    50. Gum wrappers
    51. Old bills
    52. Used tissue paper
    53. Old invitations
    54. Used blotting sheets
    55. Old gift cards
    56. Expired coupons
    57. Old business cards
    58. Expired bank cards
    59. Old bank statements
    60. Mall guidebooks
    61. Old envelopes
    62. Money order stubs
    63. Old travel brochures
    64. Pay stubs
    65. Receipts you no longer need

    Items To Toss Out Of Your Life

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