How To Request Your Credit Report

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Have you ever reminisced on how well you’ve managed your money and wondered how outstanding your credit is?

Or have you ever reflected on past hardships, crazy unnecessary purchases, and default payments, and thought how terrible your credit might be?

Either way, you will not know how good or bad your credit is until you pull your credit report.

Here’s how you can pull your credit report using these 3 ridiculously easy ways.

How To Pull Your Credit Report

How To Request Your Credit Report

1. Get It Online

You can get your credit report online by going to the Annual Credit Report website. This is the quickest and most recommended method.

You must provide your name, social security number, and other personal info to verify your identity.

Once this step is completed, you can pull a credit report from all three credit reporting agencies. How easy is that?

2. Request It Via Phone

You can get your credit report via phone by dialing 877-322-8228.

This method of getting your credit report will take longer than getting it online, but either way, you will receive your information.

Requesting your credit report by phone may take up to 15 days after your request for you to receive your credit report.

3. Get Your Credit Report By Mail

You can get your credit report by mail. Once the form is filled out, send it to the Annual Credit Report Request Service at P.O. Box 105281, Atlanta, GA, 30348-5281.

According to the CFPB (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau), it should take two to three weeks to receive your credit report this way.

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