4 Fun Facts To Know Before Pulling That Handy-Dandy Credit Report

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Here is one quick fun fact: It is possible to get a free credit report! Yes! Totally free! So let’s not be intimidated by our credit but embrace it because knowing where you stand is the first step toward improving your credit. Moving forward here are four fun facts to know before pulling that handy-dandy credit report!

4 Fun Facts To Know Before Pulling Your Credit Report

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You Are  Allowed A Free Credit Report Once A Year

As mentioned earlier it is possible to get a free credit report but here is the deal. According to the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act), you’re allowed to get a free credit report once in the period of a year from each of the three credit reporting agencies. Those three credit reporting agencies are Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion.



Creditors Aren’t Obligated To Report To all Credit Agencies

If you’re trying to repair your credit it is highly recommended to pull a credit report from all three credit agencies. The reason for this is because these credit reports may differ from each other plus a creditor isn’t obligated to report to all three credit reporting agencies.



There Are Different Methods For Pulling A Credit Report

There are three methods for pulling a credit report. Those methods are via online, via phone, and via mail. Do your research and see which method best fit for your needs. These methods are explained in depth here.



The Time It Takes To Receive Your Credit Report

The time it takes to receive your credit report depends on a few factors, one being the way you decide to pull it.

Online it may take up to ten days for you to get your credit report.

By phone, it can take up to fifteen days.

By mail, it can take two to three weeks. Additionally, understand regardless of what method you choose to do, the process will take longer if there is trouble verifying your identity.

Take all of these factors into consideration before pulling your credit report and your experience will most likely be stress-free.

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