Never Worry About A Photo Shoot Again With These Photo Ready Skin Care Tips

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In general, great skin, great makeup products plus great makeup application equals fantastic photos. If you want great looking photos with minimum or no touch ups this post is for you! Today I am talking about skin care tips for photos.

In general, it is so easy to just slap concealer on everything without giving it a second thought or heck just using a filter! Surely that was me then but now I know better I do better. Nowadays, I heavily rely on my skincare routine and only use makeup to define my features. Here are a few photo-ready skin care tips that are great for prepping the skin for makeup application.


Keep Skin Moisturized

Photo ready skin is moisturized skin. While extra moisture may seem pointless especially if you’re an oil girl it’s actually a must. Moisturizing the skin helps the skin maintain balance. Unbalance skin, for the most part, is extremely oily, extremely dry or a combination of both extremes which isn’t ideal for a photoshoot. Hence keep your skin very moisturized especially a day before the photoshoot.

Photo ready skin is moisturized skin

Keep Skin Hydrated

Photo ready skin is plump and glowing skin. While you could probably hydrate your skin using a good moisturizer aimed at both moisturizing and hydrating nothing really replaces water. Staying hydrated will not only help improve your skin it will also flush out toxins to give you that extra boost of energy needed for a more fun and relaxing photo shoot.


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Keep Skin Smooth

Photo ready skin is smooth skin. Some people have naturally smooth skin – they don’t have to do nada. If you are not one of the lucky ones the struggle can be real. Smooth skin generally requires less makeup, thereby minimizes the chance of the makeup “caking-up”. In addition, the makeup blends easier and looks better on the skin. Here are a few skin smoothing tips.


Use Exfoliating Scrub and Exfoliating Toner

One of the best ways to smooth your skin before a photo shoot is by using an exfoliating scrub and exfoliating toner two days before the photo shoot.

Photo ready skin is smooth skin

This will remove any dry dead skin and help minimize enlarged pores for a smooth looking appearance.

Exfoliating scrub and exfoliating toner



Use Pore Tightening Clay Mask

While exfoliating will help minimize your pores it’s just the first step. A pore tightening clay mask will help unclog your pores and help minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Use Pore Tightening Clay Mask


Use A Pore Minimizer Serum Or Cream

A great serum really pulls everything together. Vitamin C serums are great pore minimizers – they really help reduce the appearance of pores, corrects uneven skin tone and most important reduce excess sebum production.

Use A Pore Minimizer Serum


Your Lips Matters Too

Adding a matte liquid lipstick to dry chapped lips is something I will never do again – they say never say never but I am not looking back.

For chapped dry lips

Ensure you prep your lips by exfoliating them with a sugar scrub then adding a lip balm to seal in moisture.


Your Lips Matters Too


Overall, these are my photo ready skin care tips on how to prep the skin for a photo shoot. What are your favorite skin care products or current skincare routine?

Photo Ready Skin Care Tips For Fantastic Photos

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