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Complimentary From Influenster

Honest Beauty X Influenster

In my last post, I tried a few Honest Beauty products and I was surprised by the quality of the products. Honestly, I don’t think I would have tried these products without receiving them from Influenster for free.


Buying And Testing New Makeup

While I love testing out new products nowadays I rarely purchase products unless I am really excited about them. To me, it almost seems like once you’ve tried one product you’ve tried them all.

Tried Honest Beauty Here Is The Tea


Exceptional Makeup Products Versus Typical Makeup Products

Nevertheless, there some exceptional makeup products out there – they might be limited but they do exist. On the flip side, some companies create as much typical makeup products consumers are willing and able to buy without trying to create exceptional products that are worth the value and effort.


Is Honest Beauty Exceptional

They might be depending on who you speak to. I personally believe the company makes good products however every product might not be everyone’s cup of tea or suitable for everyone.

Honestly Honest Beauty Mascara + Primer

Honestly Honest Beauty Mascara + Primer Extreme Length Mascara


Honestly Honest Beauty Mascara + Primer

Honest Beauty Mascara + Primer formula is really good – it’s my favorite product from the three products I received. The mascara didn’t flake up or clump up and my eyelashes looked doll-like. This is definitely a repurchase for me.

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Now About Honest Beauty Everything Matte Primer

I am still on the fence about Honest Beauty Everything Matte Primer – it didn’t control my oils but given my experience with moisturizing mattifying primers I didn’t expect much.

Honestly Honest Beauty Primer Fenty Primer Dupe

Honestly Honest Beauty Everything Matte Primer


Moisturizing Mattifying Primers On Oily Skin

In general, moisturizing mattifying primers don’t perform well on my oily skin – recently I had a similar issue with Fenty Beauty Primer which is very similar to Honest Beauty Primer. I have a short review on Fenty Beauty Primer here if you are interested. However, if you love Fenty Beauty Primer and you would like to save a few dollars Honest Beauty Everything Primer is a great Fenty Beauty Primer dupe.

Honest Beauty Lip Color

Honest Lip Color In Marsala


Lastly, Honest Beauty Lip Crayon Demi-Matte

This lip crayon formula is super light but it is so oily and transfers like crazy! However, in the product defense, it is demi-matte, but even for a demi-matte lip color, it transfers too much for my taste.


Honest Beauty Lip Crayon Color Descriptions

In terms of color, I really like the shade even if I thought the shade description wasn’t a true representation of the lip color. The shade I received was Marsala which is described as deep red … ummm this isn’t the color of any of the deep red lip colors I own so that was weird.

Honest Beauty Review


Overall Do I Recommend Honest Beauty

The mascara yes, – two thumbs up! The other two products really depend on your preference. The mascara is a repurchase but the lip crayon and primer is a pass.

Have you tried Honest Beauty? What did you think about the brand?

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