What You Need to Know About Sephora VIB Spring 2019 Sales Plus The Ultimate Beauty Insider Sale Game Plan

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Sephora is the Real MVP for their annual Beauty Insider Appreciation Event AKA Beauty Insider Sale. Overall it’s a fantastic way for the customer-centric company to give back to their customers. The next Sephora VIB Spring sale is coming up so get ready to stock up!


Sephora VIB Spring Sales Dates 2019

The first beauty insider sales for 2019 is coming up in April. This event is usually held during the second or third week of April, so get ready to stock up on your favorite products. Here are the dates for Sephora VIB Spring Sales (2019):

  • ROUGE: April 26th – May 6
  • VIB: May 2 – May 6
  • INSIDER: May 2 – May 6


Past Sephora VIB Spring Sales Starting Dates

  • 2018: April 13th
  • 2017: April 18th
  • 2016: April 7th
  • 2015: April 12th


Let’s Talk Beauty Insider Sale Sephora Discounts

Firstly, these discounts are amazing. The company really doesn’t have to offers these discounts but they do and for that, I am a very grateful customer.

  • ROUGE: 20% Sephora Discount
  • VIB: 15% Sephora Discount
  • BEAUTYINSIDER: 10% Sephora Discount



How To Become A Member Of Sephora Beauty Insider Membership Program

Joining Sephora membership program has its benefits. Here is how to become a member of Sephora Beauty Insider membership program plus perks per membership status.


Beauty Insider

The Beauty Insider is free – no minimum purchase requirement. These members enjoy free access to Beauty Insiders sales, free beauty samples with every purchase, free beauty classes, access to the Beauty Insider Community, annual birthday gifts and 1 point per dollars to purchase rewards.


VIB Beauty Insider

Customers are automatically upgraded to VIB status once they spent a minimum of $350 per the calendar year. VIB Beauty Insiders enjoy all Beauty insiders perks plus 0.25 points more per dollar to purchase rewards and 5% more discount on Beauty Insiders sales.


VIB RougeBeauty Insider

Rouge is the highest membership in the program. These members spend a minimum of $1,000 per calendar year. Consequently, they too are also automatically upgraded to Rouge status and enjoy all the perks of VIB Beauty Insiders plus free flash 2-day shipping, 0.25 points more per dollar to purchase rewards, 5% more discount on Beauty Insiders sales, early access to products and events, free makeovers and invitations to exclusive events.


So Unto The Beauty Insider Sale Game Plan

It is so easy to go overboard with these sales by purchasing products you probably don’t normally purchase or need. Let’s blame it on the crazy hype of these sales, plus bloggers and YouTubers sharing their recommendations for these sales. So in order to stay levelheaded, you need a plan. Let me help you save some money.


First Have A Budget And Stick To It

These sales are amazing but many of the items you are encouraged to purchase isn’t a must-have or necessary. The great thing about having a budget and sticking to it is it decreases your chances of overspending and helps you allocate funds to essential products that work great for you.


Make A List And Check It Twice

Make a list of the products based on your budget and check it twice. These sales are generally great for restocking beauty products you love and use constantly, for purchasing Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers in advance. However, these sales are not really great for trying out brand new items because it encourages impulsive shopping. Plus, chances are you might totally hate the product and want to return it using your valuable time – time you could use to do something else.


Visit T.J.Maxx and Marshalls First To Search For Products On Your List

Overpaying for stuff sucks! I have seen a few Youtubers create content about high-end makeup sold at a high discount price at T.J.Maxx and Marshalls. So before participating in these sales, it’s a great idea to visit these stores first to see if any products on your list can be purchased at these stores.


Don’t Forget To Use Ebates

Yes! You can still cash in on these shopping trips even with these amazing discounts. So don’t forget to use Ebates to claim cashback.

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