Is Rihanna Fenty Beauty Worth It

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Rihanna Savvy Business Woman

Rihanna fans were excited when she announced her Fenty Beauty collection. Personally, I was too – I was interested in trying a few products from the collection.

Through the years Rihanna has respectfully earned her place in music, fashion, and now officially beauty with Fenty Beauty. From a business stance, she is a savvy businesswoman who continues to build a strong reputable global brand.

Remember Rihanna Mac Cosmetics Collaboration

Her limited edition collaboration with Mac Cosmetics was successful. I purchased Riri Woo lipstick from that collection and loved it! Riri Woo is still one of my top lipsticks – it’s a true blue base red matte lipstick.

I wish Mac Cosmetics would restock but I highly doubt it considering Rihanna is now attached to Fenty Beauty.  So, I will continue to sparsely use my Riri Woo Lipstick until the last swatch.

Is Fenty Beauty Worth It

So About Fenty Beauty

The Fenty beauty hype was real but it’s expected because it’s by Rihanna. The highlight of the collection was 40 foundation shades. Many fans and makeup enthusiasts were pleased with the foundation range.

Is Rihanna Fenty Beauty Worth It Or Is It All Hype |

Fenty Beauty’s debut with 40 foundation shades was remarkable. Usually, companies test the market and then add other shades based on how the product performs. So from a business stance, this was a brilliant strategy in a period where more people continue to demand inclusivity from makeup brands.

Rihanna Foundation Shades Controversy

The 40 foundation shades line was controversial. Some people believed Fenty Beauty was the only makeup brand with 40 foundation shades.

However, Cover FX with Power Play Foundation and Lancôme with Teint Idole Ultra Long Wear Foundation are examples of makeup brands with at least one foundation line with at least 40 shades.

Hence, it seems the excitement and hype surrounding the debut of the collection may have caused amnesia among consumers or these brand’s marketing campaigns were unsuccessful.

A Case of Bad Marketing Perhaps

From a business stance if a makeup brand has at least one makeup line with 40 foundation shades fostering inclusivity and people hardly know about it, then the company’s marketing strategy and the team failed the brand. Thus, it’s time to re-evaluate the company’s marketing strategy and team.

Rihanna Risked It All Alongside Kendo

Rihanna alongside Kendo risked it all on this launch and for that, they were rewarded. According to Tribe Dynamics, Fenty Beauty earned $72 million in earned media value. Plus Fenty Beauty was selected by Time Magazine as one of the best inventions of 2017.

That’s amazing considering the high competition in the makeup industry due to so many trusted makeup brands with substantial market share.

What the Launch of Fenty Beauty Means for The Beauty Industry

The Fenty beauty marketing campaign was highly based on inclusivity. Inclusivity was incorporated in every aspect of the brand – from conception to launch.

The success of Fenty will encourage companies in the beauty industry to include a wider shade range suitable for more people.

Has Rihanna Fenty Beauty Changed the Beauty Industry

Actually, it has. Marc Jacob’s beauty seemed to have taken note. With its latest foundation line, the company increases its shade range see here.

The company’s last foundation launch only included 22 foundation shades – with only 3 shades for people of color. So it’s fair to say other companies are taking note. Inclusivity sells – it’s that simple.

Fenty Products |

Fenty Beauty the Hype Beast

The hype was crazy!!! I watched popular YouTubers for their opinions about the products because I wasn’t about to buy new makeup blindly.

It was important for me to get an idea of the overall quality of the products. After gathering enough information, I bought the foundation, primer, blotting powder, liquid lipstick, and the mini face set.

Usually, I would only purchase the foundation, however, with this collection, my buying pattern changed.

So Many Choices

There are so many foundation shades I didn’t know which one to choose. That’s rarely the case when I purchase a newly released foundation. Rihanna didn’t come to play she came to snatch wigs.

Fenty 420, Fenty 430 and Fenty 440

From the collection, there are three foundation shades I could make work.

Fenty Foundation in Shade 430 |

Fenty 430 | Chiclypoised Reviews |

Fenty 430 Swatched |

I can make Fenty 420, Fenty 430, and Fenty 440 work at various degrees, however after trying these shades 420 seems like the better shade since the foundation oxidizes.

Fenty 420 Try On |

Fenty Foundation In Shade 420 |

Fenty Beauty 420 |


Product Claims

A boundary-breaking range of shades: Yes, an inclusive foundation line – 40 shades.

Soft Matte Foundation: Yes.

Foundation instantly smooths skin: In flash photography yes, in person no.

Pore-diffused: In flash photography yes, in person no, actually my pores were more visible.

Shine-free finish: Yes, until my oil started to peek through.

Medium to full coverage: Yes, true.

The oil-free formula: Seems oil-free.

Resistant to sweat and humidity: No.

Won’t clog pores: Yes – no breakouts.

Long-wearing: Yes and no. With the Fenty primer alone then no. Using the Fenty primer plus setting the primer with Invisimatte Blotting Powder before applying foundation then yes.

Light-as-air texture: For the first two layers, yes.

Undetectable on skin: In flash photography yes, in person no – it’s very noticeable especially if you set with powder.

Pros and Cons of Fenty Foundation


  • With most foundations, there are pros and cons and the Fenty Foundation is no exception. The foundation looks beautiful in flash photography, it smells great and it feels light on the skin if only two layers are applied.
  • After three hours I started to blot which is usually the norm for my extremely oily skin situation. However, after blotting my makeup still looked decent.


  • It cakes up really easily, so adding the powder to control your oily skin will result in an unflattering look.
  • Highlights all imperfections plus settles in fine lines and it’s very noticeable in person.
  • It oxidizes like crazy so finding your right shade will not be easy even with 40 shades available. I tried 440, 430, and 420. Fenty 430 and 440 were great shades until both oxidized. However, if I had no other options I am convinced I could make 430 and 440 work. Fenty 420 was lighter, however, the formula dried down to match my skin – it wasn’t a perfect match though but better than 430 and 440 after the shades dried down. Note 430 has red undertones, 440 has neutral undertones and 420 has yellow undertones. I am more neutral so 440 seemed like the right choice but it oxidized too much.
  • The foundation is not oily girl friendly – I was extremely oily after four hours.

9 hours + Wear

At the end of 9 hours + wear, I still had foundation on my face but my face was extremely oily. So be warned if you are extremely oily this foundation is probably not the best solution for your oily skin however you won’t know for sure until you try it yourself, so get a sample.

Fenty Foundation Coverage

In terms of coverage, it’s medium to full coverage which means you can build it up. After applying one layer some of my deep acne scars were still visible so I added another layer to achieve full coverage. However, if your acne scars are not deep or dark I highly recommend one layer because after one to two layers, this foundation begins to feel a little heavy on the skin.

Is It a Summer Foundation?

For normal skin with hardly any imperfections, this will be a great foundation for the summer because the first two layers are light.

However, I know it wouldn’t be my foundation of choice during the summer. I need something heavy-duty for the summer months to control oily skin.

Flat Kabuki Brush Is Best For Applying Rihanna Foundation

After using a wet beauty sponge, dry beauty sponge, and a flat kabuki brush from this brush set I prefer using the dry beauty sponge for applying Fenty foundation.

The flat kabuki brush soaks up too much foundation and the wet beauty sponge sheers the foundation too much.

Fenty Beauty Matte Foundation

The foundation dries down to a matte finish, however, it oxides like crazy so you have to be extremely careful when selecting a foundation shade. It’s highly recommendable to visit Sephora to request samples.

Selecting A Shade

Shades 430 and 440 seemed perfect until both oxidized. So don’t only rely on YouTube video tutorials and blog pictures to find your foundation shade.

I am guilty of this. I habitually purchase foundations online after viewing a couple of YouTube videos and reading some blogs. Sometimes my selections are dead-on however for Fenty I would not recommend using this method – get samples before you purchase.

However, if there is no Sephora nearby but you still want to buy the foundation you should consider selecting a foundation a shade or two lighter to help counteract foundation oxidation.

Other Fenty Beauty Products

Fenty Primer

The Fenty primer didn’t help blur my pores – they were still visible so if you already have a favorite primer this primer is not a must-buy. Moreover, if you have oily skin avoid it.

Fenty Primer Review |

Fenty Primer Swatched |


Stunna Liquid Lipstick Transferred Like Crazy

So I got Stunna – my love for red liquid lipsticks wouldn’t have it any other way. However, after applying this liquid lipstick I was disappointed. Firstly, Stunna liquid lipstick transfers like crazy plus it’s not a blue-based red. I was expecting Stunna to be a blue-based red and transfer-proof, so for me, that was a fail.

Fenty Stunna Liquid Lipstick |

Fenty Stunna Red Lipstick |

Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer

I purchased the Bomb Baby Mini Lip and Face Set which includes Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer and Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter in Hu$tla Baby.

Overall, I like the lipgloss it’s most definitely one of my favorite products from the Fenty beauty line. It really shines which I like.

The price, however, is ridiculous. I found a few dupes which are quite similar see them here.

Fenty Lip Gloss Review | Chiclypoised Reviews |

Fenty Lip Gloss |

Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter in Hu$tla Baby

Hu$tla Baby highlighter is very glittery but I like it. It looks great on the cheeks and as an eyeshadow. I am glad I purchased the set to try the highlighter and the Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer.

If you are unsure about the Fenty beauty line the Bomb Baby Mini Lip and Face Set is a great way to sample the line without splurging.

Fenty Hustla Baby Highlighter | Chiclypoised Reviews1 |

Fenty Beauty Highlighters on Dark Skin |

Invisimatte Blotting Powder

The Invisimatte Blotting Powder is another favorite of mine from the line. It helps prolong the wear of the Fenty foundation when it is applied before the application of the foundation.

However, if too much is applied to set the foundation it can make the foundation cakey. Note, based on my experience Fenty foundation cakes up when too much of any powder is applied to it.

Is Fenty Blotting Powder The Best |

Blotting Power Review |

Fenty Blotting Powder Review | Is It Worth It |

Is Fenty Beauty Products Worth It

If you are in the market for a new foundation this foundation is worth trying but GET A SAMPLE FIRST. However, if you have an extensive makeup collection I would not run to get it.

The primer is basically a moisturizer, the liquid lipstick isn’t blue-based and it transfers like crazy, and the blotting powder can be duped.

Oily Skin
For oily girls, the Fenty Beauty foundation probably will not be the solution to your oily skin situation. It very mattifying when it’s first applied however the mattifying effect is not long-lasting and that’s my main problem with this foundation.

Dry Skin
On the flip side, people with dry skin need to moisturize really well because it’s really mattifying once the foundation dries down.

Normal Skin
For normal skin girls, this will be right up your alley – no joke. You will most likely love this if you have normal skin with minimum imperfections.

The Bomb Baby Mini Lip and Face Set – is a great way to try the line and both products are great. However, I highly recommend getting samples of the other products.

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Is Fenty Beauty Worth It

Overall, this was a really good attempt by Rihanna. There is room for improvement but for a newcomer that was great work by her and her team.

I see Fenty Beauty improving over time and adding other products to the line. It’s definitely a makeup brand that has staying power in the cosmetics industry.

Moreover, the brand will have an everlasting impact on how many foundation shades some makeup brands will include in their foundation lines moving forward.

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