Is Ipsy Monthly Beauty Subscription Worth the Hype

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In today’s post, it’s all about Ipsy Glam Bag! Is Ipsy Monthly Beauty Subscription Worth the Hype?

Should you join Ipsy? Find out below? To find out, keep on reading!

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What Is Ipsy Monthly Beauty Subscription?

Ipsy is a monthly beauty subscription company founded by Jennifer Jaconetti Goldfarb, Michelle Phan and Marcelo Camberos in 2011.

The beauty subscription costs $12 per month, with free shipping for customers in the US.

For $12 you receive a glam bag with five sample-sized beauty products.

I have been subscribed to their monthly glam bag for a while now, but during that period I have subscribed, unsubscribed, and resubscribed.

The last time I unsubscribed was for a valid reason.

Why I Decided To Cancel Ipsy Beauty Subscription

I was just sick of getting too many hand lotions in my bag. I don’t mind getting lotions, but a hand, face, or body lotion in the same glam bag was a no for me.

Plus, this happened on several occasions.

I was done collecting traveling size face, hand, and body lotions, but this wasn’t the main reason I unsubscribed.

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Unsubscribed To Ipsy Monthly Beauty Subscription

So putting the lotion situation aside, what really disappointed me off was the day I received a foundation sample to try, and it was far from my foundation shade.

That was certainly the last straw.

I was like after y’all had me use my time to fill out the information about my skin type and shade etc. y’all still sent me a shade that I can’t use.

So after that incident, I unsubscribed.

Subscribed To Ipsy Monthly Beauty Subscription Again

However, sometime late last year, I subscribed again.

Yes, they got me with a very enticing email! The email stated a couple of changes they made to the service, and I was intrigued, so I gave them another try.

I figured if they messed up the first month, then that would be it for me.

For the most part, I was expecting them to mess up, but so far I have enjoyed the samples I have been receiving.

Ipsy Beauty Subscription

Gift Ipsy Beauty Subscription

For a makeup or beauty junkie, I believe an Ipsy subscription can be a great gift, base on the new changes Ipsy has made.

Furthermore, this beauty bag will allow the receiver to try new beauty products.

This will also help them save on beauty products since they will most likely purchase beauty products they actually like and enjoy based on their experience rather than from information gathered online.

I know I would definitely welcome an Ipsy subscription as a gift. I think it’s great for a makeup or beauty enthusiast.

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So Is Ipsy Monthly Beauty Subscription Worth the Hype?

So, finally, should you bother with Ipsy?

I say give them a try if you want to sample new products monthly.

However, definitely check out other Ipsy glam bag reviews to read what others think about the service.

One of the good things about the service is if you don’t like it after your first month, you can always cancel without any penalty and resubscribe later on if you wish to.

As a result of using Ipsy’s monthly beauty subscription, I have found some of my favorite products and I have also avoided purchasing the full-size version of what I believe are the worst products.

So for $12 a month free shipping, I am okay with them for now, especially since most of the products I get in my bag cost way more than the cost of the bag.

Ipsy Glam Bag Beauty Subscription


Other Monthly Beauty Subscription Services

There are other beauty subscription services like:

  • Target Beauty Box
  • Walmart Beauty Box
  • FabFitFun
  • Birchbox
  • Ipsy Plus
  • BoxyCharm
  • BoxyLuxe

I heard great things about Target Beauty Box, so I am definitely considering giving them a try.

Have you tried Ipsy’s glam bag or any other monthly beauty subscription service?

If yes, what did you think about it?

Want To Join Ipsy?

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2 thoughts on “Is Ipsy Monthly Beauty Subscription Worth the Hype”

  1. Oh man, I would have been so pissed if they’d done that foundation BS with me, too! How hard is it to follow the data in your own quiz?! It’s obnoxious.

    I’m glad they have done better so far the second time around. I also unsubbed a while back, then resubbed and this time I feel they’re doing much better. I don’t think I’ve gotten much in the way of foundation from them, though 🙂 THANKFULLY.

    I also hate all the itty bitty hotel lotion samples! Who wants those??!? Haven’t gotten them in a while, yay!

  2. ?? so I am not the only one who subscribed, unsubscribed and resubscribe. I also think this time around they are doing better.

    I am glad they’re getting it together because if they disappoint me this time around I am not coming back for nothing ?. Have you tried Sephora Play? It seems like a winner. I am thinking about giving it a try.

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