Ipsy Glam Bag Plus Is Now Officially Ipsy Plus Box?

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Ipsy officially said screw the Glam bag in their Ipsy Glam Bag Plus beauty subscription box service and surprisingly I am here for it.

No More Glam Bag, December Glam Bag Was The Last

The glam bag included in December Ipsy Plus was the last bag.  Moving forward, Ipsy promises to add better products to the upgraded box and better box personalization. If this can be achieved by ditching the bag I am here for it.

However, otherwise Ipsy Plus has just become a more expensive box with nothing really exciting to pay an additional $4 for, especially when compared to Boxycharm’s beauty subscription service.

Ipsy Plus Ditched The Glam Bag

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Does It Make Business Sense Ditching Glam Bag in Ipsy Plus Box

Business wise it’s a bold move that could pay off. Since customers who really want a glam bag might resort to adding Ipsy’s regular Glam Bag beauty subscription service to their current Ipsy Plus subscription.

Personally, I have no plans on adding Ipsy’s regular Glam Bag subscription in order to receive a glam bag monthly but I am sure some of Ipsy’s subscribers will be tempted to. So, in the end, more money for Ipsy.

In addition, if they can actually pull this off they will attract more consumers to their beauty box subscription service.


Pros of Ipsy Discontinuing Glam Bag In Ipsy Plus Box

Ipsy Promises Better Products for Ipsy Plus Subscribers

A possibility of better products in Ipsy Plus box. In that regard, we will have to wait to see. However, this would be fantastic if they can actually include better products in Ipsy Plus box.

Ipsy also Promises Better Beauty Box Personalization for Ipsy Plus Subscribers

A possibility of better Ipsy Plus box personalization for subscribers would be great too. This I am definitely unsure about since they haven’t been great at personalizing their regular beauty subscription boxes, so what will change?


Cons of Ipsy Discontinuing Glam Bag In Ipsy Plus Box

Straying Away From Ipsy’s Brand

Ipsy Plus without the bag is like Ipsy Glam Bag without a bag.

Disappointed Customers

Some customers might not be happy, because knowing that they would still receive a bag was probably one of the reasons they decided to upgrade. So not receiving the bag is going to change how they feel about their initial decision to upgrade.

Overall, better beauty products and beauty box personalization would be great but I am not holding my breath. Let’s see what happens.

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