How To Preserve Fashionable Costume Jewelry Easily

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Fashionable costume jewelry is a great cheap alternative to expensive designer jewelry. However, without proper maintenance, fashionable costume jewelry tarnish quickly.

How To Preserve Costume Jewelry

Benefits Of Designer Jewelry Over Fashionable Costume Jewelry

Most quality designer jewelry outlasts costume jewelry. Hence the main reason people who are financially able may choose to invest in a few statement designer jewelry pieces.

However, unfortunately, not everyone can afford expensive designer jewelry. Plus, sometimes that favorite statement piece is a glam piece of fashionable costume jewelry, so what’s the solution?

Thankfully there are various ways you can preserve fashionable costume jewelry easily see information below!

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How To Preserve Fashionable Costume Jewelry Easily

Store Fashionable Costume Jewelry in Dry Storage Boxes Away from Humidity and Dust

Humidity and dust is the enemy of costume jewelry. Hence in order to preserve costume jewelry longer avoid humid dusty areas by storing costume jewelry in dry storage boxes.


Add Anti-Tarnish Strips To Dry Storage Boxes

Add anti-tarnish strips to the dry storage boxes to prevent costume jewelry from tarnishing quickly.


Seal Costume Jewelry with a Clear Glossy Solution to Preserve Fashionable Costume Jewelry Easily

Overall, jewelry sealing is a very effective way to preserve costume jewelry because it prevents discoloration.

Clear glossy solutions like clear top coat nail polish or clear gloss sprays work great as jewelry sealers.

Common gloss sprays used to seal costume jewelry includes:

This tutorial shows you exactly how to get it done.


Avoid Spraying Perfumes Directly on Costume Jewelry

If you want your fake jewelry to last put them on last in order to avoid spraying perfumes directly unto your pieces.


Clean Costume Jewelry with Toothpaste, and Baking Soda

Some people love connoisseurs jewelry cleaner, however, toothpaste and baking soda mixture work like a charm.

The trick is to leave the jewelry in the mixture for a few minutes then scrub a little before rinsing.

However, understand if your jewelry is already tarnished this mixture most likely isn’t going to completely restore the color.

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