Work Office Hacks You Wish You Used Sooner To Make Your Work Life Better

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On average 40 hours per week is spent at the office. Here are a few work office hacks you wish you used sooner to make your work life better.


Work Office Hacks You Wish You Used Sooner


Bring Snacks

Work can be difficult sometimes and being hungry doesn’t help at all. Your boss might look at you sideways if you keep leaving your desk to get food. The solution? Bring snacks! Pack something you can eat quickly and easily that doesn’t involve leaving your desk.

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Stretch And Stay Active

Sitting down all day without any physical activity isn’t healthy. Take some time to leave your desk to stretch, walk outside and get some fresh air. If you’re running office errands take the stairs instead of the elevator. There are also plenty of stretches you can do at your desk, so find one you like on Youtube. Remember your health is your top priority.


Request To Use Two Monitors

Some companies will let you use two monitors and some will not, but it won’t hurt to ask. Using two monitors helps especially when you have multiple documents and spreadsheets open on your desktop.


Eat Your Carbs For Breakfast

It seems like an early or late shift requires a cup of coffee. However, if you’re not a coffee drinker or coffee isn’t enough to give you the energy you need, then eat a high carb breakfast to get the energy you need to give you that extra boost.


Ask If It is Possible To Work From Home

Not all companies will let you work from home but you won’t know until you ask. We all can take an extra day off commuting, so keep your fingers and toes crossed while you ask! Good luck!


Smile And Stay Positive

No matter how you’re feeling smile and stay positive. You will feel better, plus your coworkers will enjoy being around you.