Be Aware Of These 20+ Harsh Realities Before Turning 30

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Hello there! It’s been a while since I posted on here. I must admit I miss posting! It’s been crazy the past few weeks so I didn’t have the time to post, but I am back and happy to be back. Here are a few harsh life lessons I believe can be useful to know or learn during your 20s. Some of these lessons I learned the hard way, I wish I was aware of them sooner because they could have saved me many disappointments. Enjoy and you can add to the list below in the comments section because there are a few I am sure I didn’t add to this list.


Be Aware Of These Harsh Realities Before Turning 30 |

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6 thoughts on “Be Aware Of These 20+ Harsh Realities Before Turning 30”

  1. I’m so happy you reached out to me to join the Black Girl Fashion Pinterest board because your blog, especially this post is amazing! I’m 26 and each of these lessons have become more apparent to me recently.

    #11 “You may have fewer friends than you think, so be careful who you share secrets with.” hit home. I have a problem being vulnerable to the wrong ppl in hopes that it will build friendships. I’m taking this one to heart and treasuring it for a long time starting today.

  2. I am glad I reached out to you and I am thankful for your consideration :). I struggled with #11 for years but I recently made my peace with it – it wasn’t easy. I am thankful for the few true friends I have been blessed with. I no longer ignore the signs of the wrong friendships. When I spot them I let them go – these type of friendships are not worth the stress.

    Thanks for stopping by, I really appreciate it. I believe in time you will find your way around #11. The best friendships are a blessing 🙂

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