We All Need A Friend To Keep It Real And Say You Suck

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Say You Suck … Say It Sucks

I am very suspicious of people who give compliments all the damn time for unwarranted reasons. We all know these “let’s keep it all the way positive but never real type of folks”.

Like your hair looks great, but you know your hair looks a hot mess because you barely combed it this morning.

Oh, you’re doing such a great job with this project keep up the hard work, but you and everyone else around you know you’re failing miserably and you’ll probably be fired if you don’t meet the deadline on Friday.

How’s your food? Oh, it’s great! Or Oh it’s good! Or Oh it’s alright. So here you go ordering the same damn thing just to find out the food sucks and now you’re fighting the urge to barf and create a scene at the restaurant.

I could go on and on with these scenarios but this blog post will be too long.




Keep It Real And Help Your Friend Grow Or At Least Help Them Save

Now I’m not saying to create a scene and dwell on the negative situation. If you don’t like to use the word suck use another word but my main point here is why can’t we just be honest and say “hey you’re not good at this, you’re doing this the wrong way or you need to improve on … and keep it moving.

Is it our first instinct to protect the person’s feelings or is it really to create a mask to protect how we will be viewed or judged by others because of our truthful opinion? Let’s talk!

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