Best Places To Find Good College Friends

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Making damn good friends at college isn’t hard – you just have to be yourself and be respectful. Also, remember, don’t be pushy!

Here are a few places to meet your people:

1. Your Dorm

Your college roommate and/or suitmate will either be your first friend or your first enemy at college. If luck is on your side, you will skip the college roommate from hell drama. Great college roommates are a blessing.

2. Classes

Classes are usually the best place to make college friends. You see your classmates at least once a week. It’s the perfect setting for forming friendships.

3. Library

Depending on the college, the library will either be the hanging-out spot or the most deserted spot on campus. However, it is possible to meet new people.

4. Academic and Voluntary Groups

These are perfect settings for forming great friendships or at least networking since members usually share a common goal.

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5. Community Church

If you attend church regularly and are active in church activities, finding a good friend isn’t going to be difficult. So, don’t forget about your community church – it’s a great place to meet new people and create lifelong relationships.

6. Sororities and Fraternities

Joining a sorority or fraternity is a great way to create lifelong friendships. The networking opportunities can be endless depending on the sorority or fraternity you join.

7. College Parties

If you are bold to attend a couple of college parties alone, then you probably don’t need any friends! Just kidding … College parties are a great place to meet new people. 

8. College Bars

If you live in a college town, then there will be a few college bars. College parties and college bars are one and the same. However, be careful in these environments, never take drinks from strangers, never leave your drinks unattended, never leave with strangers and drink responsibly.

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