How To Make Damn Good Meaningful College Friendships Without Being Pushy

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College life with no meaningful college friendships can be tough since part of a well-balanced college experience involves networking and creating lifelong college friendships. I can’t imagine college life with no friends. Imagine, no one to sit with at the cafeteria, no one to go to the football games and no one to help you avoid awkward situations – and boy I had a few! Damn good college friendships are important.

How To Make Damn Good Meaningful College Friendships Without Being Pushy |

Here Is How To Make Damn Good Meaningful College Friendships Without Being Pushy



Let Friendships Happen Organically

Real friendships develop naturally. Generally, you should never have to force friendships. Forced friendships usually have a short time span so be careful.



Be Likeable

Firstly, be polite, respect other people’s space, be positive and be yourself. Most people will get turned off by rude, disrespectful, and pretentious people.



Be Resourceful Not User-Friendly

Another way you can create value friendships at college is to be resourceful. Being resourceful doesn’t mean allowing your classmates to copy your homework. In this situation, you are just being “user-friendly” which no one really respects. Avoid being “user-friendly” in life period. However, if a classmate didn’t understand a concept but you did then you can help your classmate understand the concept with a few examples.



Making friends in College Depends On Constantly Meeting New People

Overall, to make new friends you need to constantly meet new people in different environments where friendships can be formed organically. Here’s where you can make great college friends.



Value True College Friendships

Value the true friendships you develop. Main word there true. These individuals will be your true advocates after you cross that stage. They turn into family and provide a source of support during the happiest and saddest times in your life. Your other friendships will cease as time progress, mainly because it’s the end of their storyline in your life. Learn to accept this quickly and move on.

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