Do We Ever Take Good Advice From Real Friends?

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So do we ever take good advice from real friends?

You know, the ones who are there for us through thick and thin.

The real true ones.

The “day ones” like some say.

Or perhaps, social media interactions have replaced the need for conversations with the ones closest to us – our real friends?

Or is it the social media addiction of publicizing every situation whether it is good or bad ruining us?

Publicity Over Privacy

Sadly, in this social media era, it isn’t uncommon to publicize private issues in the most nonsensical manner.

In fact, I strongly believe swear social media has conditioned some to believe publicizing an issue is the only way to deal with it.

Sometimes, I go through my social media feed in amazement, thinking:

  1. Do they have any real friends?
  2. Would they even take good advice from these friends?

Now while some situations are entertaining, when all is said and done these are real people dealing with real situations.

However, in the midst of all the tea being spilled and all the gossip being circulated, some tend to forget that.

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Dealing With Issues Without Publicizing Them

Sometimes we have days when we want to stand on the highest mountain and scream our lungs out because something or someone disappoints us off beyond belief.

For those situations, a little rant is earned and well deserved, and you should use it accordingly instead of acting like everything is alright when it’s clearly not.

As always, it’s better to deal with anger and frustration head-on instead of keeping it bottled up inside.

So, scream if you have to, cry if you have to in order to get the anger and frustration out.

If you’re not into the screaming or crying gig, talking to a real friend is very helpful and better in most cases.

Real friends listen and offer advice to help you through rough times.

Real friends are proactive in helping you avoid demeaning situations like publicizing your dirty laundry on the web.

So a real friend would have intervened in this train wreck, even if he didn’t ask.

Seek Help And Advice From Real Friends

Someone who doesn’t care about your wellbeing will not offer any useful advice.

However, in critical situations do we take good advice from friends, or do we just listen to be polite?

My answer to that is sometimes we just listen. I believe it’s human instinct to handle things our way, even if our way throws us over the cliff.

To put it simply, sometimes a friend’s advice is the opposite of what we want to hear in the heat of the moment instead, it sounds like criticism and not the intended genuine guidance out of our own chaos.

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