Real friends? Do We Ever Really Take Good Advice From Friends? Let’s Talk

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Hello, welcome to the first of the Let’s Talk series! I hope you enjoy this post! Without further rambling let’s get to it!

So it was a typical day on Instagram. Just scrolling through my feed nothing new just catching up, until my eyes fell upon this train wreck. So, if you follow theshaderoom or Rob Kardashian on Instagram you might have an idea where this post is heading.

We live in a society where things we used to deal with privately is now dealt with publicly in the most nonsensical manner. I swear social media has conditioned some to believe that if it’s not publicized then it’s not real OR it hasn’t been dealt with.

I sat there going through my feed in amazement. You must be saying, girl, this is not news and this is definitely not the first time they have gone at it but this time it was so ridiculous it had me thinking.

One: Do any of them have any real friends? And …
Two: Do we ever really take good advice from friends?

The whole situation was entertaining but after all the laughter where do we draw the line and call truce especially when a child is involved?

I’m not a fan of either so this post is not about defending neither of them. As far as one can tell we only see what each side want us to see and not the whole story, so back to the questions above.


Do any of them have any real friends?

Sometimes we have days where we want to stand on the highest mountain and scream our lungs out because something or someone pisses us off beyond belief. For those situations, a little rant is earned and well deserved and you should use it accordingly instead of acting like everything is alright when it’s clearly not.

As always it’s better to deal with anger and frustration head on instead of keeping it bottled up inside. So, scream if you have to, cry if you have to in order to get the anger and frustration out. If you’re not into the screaming or crying gig talking to a real friend is very helpful and better in most cases.

Real friends listen and offer advice to help you through rough times. Real friends are proactive in helping you avoid demeaning situations like publicizing your dirty laundry on the web. So a real friend would have intervened this train wreck below even if he didn’t ask. If you missed it here’s a glimpse.


… so he really thought this would work?


Check @theshaderoom on Instagram for the screen shots and videos. They did their job in keeping up with that mess.


And … Finally, do we ever take good advice from friends?

Someone who doesn’t care about your wellbeing will not offer any useful advice. However, in critical situations do we take good advice from friends or do we just listen to be polite? My answer to that is sometimes we just listen. I believe it’s human instinct to handle things our way even if our way throws us over the cliff.

To put it simply, sometimes a friend’s advice is the opposite of what we want to hear in the heat of the moment instead, it sounds like criticism and not the intended genuine guidance out of our own chaos.

So could all of this been avoided with some real friends and great advice? Maybe, but then again grown folks will do what grown folks want to do even with all the support in the world! Until next post guys be safe.

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