Self-Improvement Guide Using Personal SWOT Analysis

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Your life is serious business so why not analyze it like one. It’s high time you start cutting your losses and capitalizing your gains. While you are not the founder of this business you are the owner, the sole member of the Board of Directors, the President and the Chief Executive Officer so you are in control of this business called life.

A SWOT Improvement Guide That Works

A Business Approach To Self-Improvement

So today you’re taking a new direction, branching out, and spreading your wings using SWOT analysis to help you evaluate all areas in your life you need to improve for a better life.


What Is A Personal SWOT Analysis

Personal SWOT Analysis is a useful tool for understanding and evaluating your Strengths and Weaknesses, and for identifying the Opportunities available to you and the Threats you face.

When the SWOT analysis is used in its business context, it helps businesses understand and evaluate their target market more effectively and efficiently. This in turns guides them to produce goods and services that create value for their customers and their business.

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So we’re starting off this evaluate on positivity. We like positively! After all, some of the most successful businesses capitalize on positivity daily. Your strengths can positively impact all areas of your life. Your strength is the inner light that illuminates the path to help you navigate through the trenches and dark areas of your life.

So, what are your strengths? What can you do extremely well? What are the areas you can improve to become a master of your craft?  If you are unsure of strengthens or have difficulty figuring them out it’s time to start challenging yourself to explore areas outside your comfort zones. If you are already aware of your strengths, then that’s great! Keep working on improving them daily.



We all have a weakness. Some of us have several and that’s okay. It’s a human thing so don’t feel bad. I have discovered my fair share of weaknesses over the years.

I have to admit finding out you suck at something is not the best feeling in the world but I am in a good place where I no longer take myself too seriously to the point where I believe I have to be a perfectionist at everything. It’s definitely a step in the right direction and it’s quite liberating.


Developing and Improving Weaknesses

While you are better off accepting your weakness it does not mean you should not try to improve or develop them. I believe that accepting them gives you a clear understanding of how much effort you need to devote to them for improvement.

So the areas you are not good at work on them and if you are not successful in improving these areas be resourceful by outsourcing those areas and use that time slot to master your strengths.



In a world where opportunities are scarce commodities most of us try to use every outlet to ensure complete dominance. I love opportunities! Really, who doesn’t? The more the merrier! We love them so much that we do it all just to ensure we get the best possible shot at our opportunities.

The opportunities available to each of us is influenced by external factors that most of us have no control over and it’s one of the main reasons similar circumstances does not guarantee similar opportunities.

Example two college students graduating with the same college degree, GPA and similar extra circular activities are not guaranteed the same opportunities. Their internal factors (same degree, GPA, etc.) are not the only factors that determine what opportunities are available to them after graduation. Each student has external factors way beyond their control that determines what opportunities will be available to them.


How You Take Advantage of Current and Future Opportunities

So how do you position yourself to take advantage of current and future opportunities? The best way to position yourself is to stay focus on your goals by mastering your strengths, improving your weaknesses and eliminating your threats.

If you stay focus you will have a better chance of improving your internal factors thereby giving yourself the chance to position yourself for greatness. So start removing these distractions that are preventing you from focusing on what you need to do in order to take full advantage of the opportunities within your reach.


Staying Motivated

Sometimes you can do all of this right and still come up empty handed with little to no opportunities within your reach. In these circumstances, it may be time you consider and start to take the necessary steps to create these opportunities for yourself and those around you.



Opportunities and threats usually come in pairs. Whenever there’s an opportunity be certain that a threat or threats are already nearby or they are about to develop.

In general, what separates the losers from the winners is how each party is able to spot the threat and deal with it before the threat affects their opportunities. Facebook and some other companies buy out their threats when they can, however, most of us can’t buy out our threats so we can’t use this strategy.

The first way to tackle threats is to have the ability to spot them because you can’t stop a threat you can’t see coming. The person who can spot a threat before it becomes a problem will always have the upper hand.

If you can’t spot or recognize your threats you need to become more aware of yourself, your surrounds and the relationships, you build. Being aware will help you sense when things around you are out of whack. When you feel things are out of whack don’t dismiss your instincts, instead, do your research.


Dealing With Threats

So you know how to spot a threat, so how do you handle that threat? This part can be easy or difficult depending on the severity of the threat and the resources at your disposal. For more severe threats seek help and guidance if you can’t deal with the situation on your own.

For less, severe deal with them immediately do not procrastinate! However, when it all said and done if you are able to avoid threatening situations do that at all cost.

This will save you time and energy you can invest in internal factors that will help you now and in the future to position yourself to take advantage of better opportunities to improve your life and the life of others around you.

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