How To Make College Dorm Room Chairs Comfortable

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This post is about how to make college dorm room chairs comfortable.

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College dorm room chairs are notorious for being uncomfortable and uninviting.

In fact, after sitting on one for a few hours, your butt really hurts even if you have a proper posture.

Now, I am not saying, having a proper posture is useless.

In fact, a proper posture can help minimize uncomfortable sitting positions.

Therefore, if your dorm room chair is very uncomfortable to alleviate the situation first start by sitting up, sitting straight, with your feet on the floor.

While doing this won’t cushion your butt, it will definitely help reduce the strain on your back and neck, thereby slightly alleviating the situation.

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On the contrary, if your college dorm room chair was comfortable, you should consider yourself very lucky. As for the rest of us who suffered, our butts got trained for hard times, literally.

Now it’s no surprise these chairs are still to this day uncomfortable.

After all, most of these universities are on a tight budget.

Therefore, they can’t afford high-maintenance posh cushion chairs, so I digress. However, these dorm room chairs are still uncomfortable and uninviting regardless.

How To Make College Dorm Room Chairs Comfortable and Inviting

Personally, I rarely used my dorm chair – my butt just wasn’t having it.

Instead, I used the bed 99.9% of the time for everything sitting related including homework, reading, and studying.

While it worked out fine, in the end, it wasn’t the best solution especially considering how easy it was to be less productive due to inadequate lightening, the strain on my back and neck while reading sitting upright, or on the contrary, being too comfortable and falling asleep.

This may not be your situation.

In fact, if the chair doesn’t bother you because you hate working at a desk, then you’re in the clear.

However, if you work better at a desk, then make your college dorm room chair more comfortable and inviting by doing the following.

Use Throw Blankets To Make College Dorm Room Chairs Comfortable and Inviting

Throw blankets add style plus a layer of softness and warmth to hard, cold wooden chairs.

Use Throw Pillows To Make Dorm Chairs Comfortable and Inviting

Throw pillows make any piece of furniture more comfortable, more stylish, and inviting, so try one out on your dorm chair.

Use Chair Pad To Make College Dorm Room Chairs Comfortable and Inviting

Chair pads add some well-needed cushion to the top layer of these hard wooden chairs. Plus, some of them are even stylish.

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Use Faux Sheepskins To College Make Dorm Room Chairs Comfortable and Inviting

The faux sheepskins hype is real, and I can see why!

For one thing, they are so soft and comfortable plus you can use them in different places like on the floor by your bed, or in this case, over a wooden chair to add some much-needed cushioning and warmth.

Use A Footstool Or Footrest To Make Dorm Room Chairs Comfortable and Inviting

A footrest or a footstool can help with your overall posture due to its ability to keep your feet in a proper sitting position.

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1-7 How To Style and Make Chairs Comfortable

    1. Shaggy Faux Fur Area Rug
    2. Faux Fur Throw Pillow Cases
    3. Faux Fur Throw Blanket
    4. Chair Pad
    5. Pillow Inserts
    6. Foot Rest
    7. Faux Fur Foot Stool
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