Extensive Off To College Packing Checklist Every First Year College Student Needs

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First off, congratulations and welcome to college life! Now if you are worried about what to pack for college don’t worry we got you!

Packing For College Is An Event

Packing for college can be a stress-free event or a disaster – a  disaster that slowly unfolds in your dorm once you begin to realize what you really need but didn’t pack.

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Why Do I Need A College Packing Checklist?

You need a college packing checklist to help you remember important items you might otherwise forget or didn’t even think about packing.


Do I Need Everything Listed On A College Packing Checklist?

You don’t need to get everything on a college packing checklist – I sure as heck didn’t and still survived college. In essence, this checklist serves as a helpful reminder and reference of things most college students find useful during their first year in college. Once again congratulations on embarking on this exciting new journey!

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What’s The Extensive Off To College Packing Checklist About

This list covers everything on average new college students use during their first year in college.


Best Way To Use A College Packing Checklist

Place a checkmark next to the items as you pack to avoid double packing similar items twice. Also, remember to use the notes section to add any items you really need but plan to purchase later on.



Cleaning Supplies


Dorm Organization (Decide room decor with your roommate)






Study Supplies



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