How To Prepare For Exams and Quizzes

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Exams and quizzes in general suck! Period. You could never be too ready for one especially the unannounced quizzes.

How To Better Prepare For Exams Before You Even Start Studying

I swear whoever came up with the concept of unannounced quizzes was just evil … I just don’t see it any other way.

However, love them or hate them exams and quizzes are still the ultimate methods used for assessment so there is no way to avoid them – unless you quit the school gig altogether to join the circus or the strip club.

Since we ain’t ready to do neither here are some helpful tips to better prepare for exams and quizzes before actually studying.

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How To Better Prepare For Exams and Quizzes Before Actually Studying

  1. Plan From The First Week of School
  2. Ask Many Questions In Class
  3. Abuse Office Hours
  4. Take Legible Notes

Plan From The First Week of School

DO: Plan from the first week of school by getting your syllabus for each subject then gathering the date for each exam.

This will help you prioritize your studying sessions based on the exam schedule.

Remember to always use a journal or a planner to keep your exam dates, quiz dates, and studying sessions organized.

Chances are if you have a few exams scheduled the same day you can better strategize how to study for each exam without sacrificing one exam for the other.

IF YOU DON’T:  Unfortunately, your scheduled exams can easily become a complete surprise.

Imagine walking into the class only to be surprised by an exam because you completely forgot about the exam, or you didn’t know because you didn’t read the syllabus, or you missed the reminder because you ditched class the day before.

This isn’t farfetched it can happen easily especially if you don’t keep up with class events when you ditch class, you don’t read the syllabus, and you don’t plan your semester for success.

Ask Many Questions In Class

DO: Ask many questions in class even if you think the questions are stupid! Don’t be shy – remember you are paying serious money for college so make good use of your money and time.

Also, remember these professors are on your payroll, so you might as well make them work for their keeps, so ask away!

IF YOU DON’T: You might be sorry because oftentimes the same concept you didn’t understand is on the exam staring up at you – it never fails!

Remember a question is only stupid when you didn’t ask it, and it ends up on the exam and all your studying techniques still didn’t help you understand the concept.

It’s better to understand the concept using all the help you can get from your professors and classmates instead of just relying on your studying techniques hoping you will understand and also remember the concept on the day of the exam.

Abuse Office Hours

DO: Do abuse office hours. Office hours are there for a reason!

Let’s say you asked a question in class but when you got home you realized you still didn’t fully grasp the concept, well a one on one with the professor is needed.

IF YOU DON’T: You will make things difficult for you especially if you’re failing!

In fact, the student who asks questions, attends office hours, studies but still fails the exam is in a better position than the lazy student who fails the exam.

From experience, professors are more understanding and will do their best to help you improve your grade especially if they know you are proactive in the learning process.

Take Legible Notes

DO: Take legible notes for the sake of your grades. If your penmanship is not that great use a computerlaptop, or tablet to organize your notes.

IF YOU DON’T: Studying will be difficult and time-consuming because now you have to understand your writing plus revise or understand the concept you are studying – it won’t be fun.

Studying Alone Sometimes Isn’t Enough

Maintaining good grades isn’t difficult however some planning and discipline are required.

In most cases, studying alone without good notes and a proper understanding of the concept is futile and won’t help you make the grade especially for unannounced quizzes.

In general, your studying sessions will be easier and fruitful if you plan your semester for success, take good notes and seek help from your professors when in doubt.

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