5 Solid Benefits Of Starting A Lifestyle Blog in College With Little Money

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College years are the broke years unless you have a rich uncle or aunt most likely you will be living the ramen noodles lifestyle. No shade against ramen noodles – it has been a faithful servant. When the cafeteria food was hopeless ramen noodles saved the day.


The College Struggle Is Real

Anyway enough ramen noodles, the point is the struggle can be real in college. Balancing a full-time college schedule with a minimum wage part-time job is no fun. After paying for tuition, textbooks, supplies, room, and board, there isn’t much money left for fun.


Great College Experience Without Money

While you can have a wonderful college experience without being rich – I did. Some extra fun money would have been useful during these struggle times. I have blogged for a few months and I wish I started blogging in college.

5 Solid Reasons College Students Should Start a Blog in College | Chiclypoised.com

Here are 5 Solid Benefits Of Starting A Lifestyle Blog in College With Little Money



Blogging Is A Great Way For College Students To Make Money Online

I follow a few bloggers who started their blogs in college as a hobby and now these women are blogging full-time and making a full-time income from their blogs.



You Have More Time To Devote To A Blog Project

I believe in college you have more free time. These golden college years are great and perfect for getting out of your comfort zone and doing something different like experimenting with blogging.

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Develop Valuable Personal Branding Skills

Now while blogging is by no means a get rich skim it creates a great opportunity for college students to become entrepreneurs early and develop valuable personal branding skills before graduation.



Learn New Technical Skills

Anyone can create a blog. It’s not difficult. WordPress.com, Blogger, Wix, Tumblr and even WordPress.org make it easy.

However, if you decide to change things and experiment with your blog’s theme you will either have to pay someone to make these changes and experiment on your behalf or take a plunge and risk crashing your website a few times to achieve your desired blog.

Since paying someone a few hundred dollars wasn’t in my budget learning the basics of HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript as well as crashing this website a few times was the best option.



Create A Possible Alternative Career

The job market is saturated with college degree holders. Plus, employers nowadays require 3 or more years of relating job experience from fresh graduates.

While this can be frustrating and in some cases ridiculous, if you understand the fundamentals of demand and supply and the constant need for companies to increase shareholders’ equity then this will not surprise you.

In general, very few college graduates get jobs in their preferred field. Many college graduates settle for whatever jobs they can get. Fortunately, starting a blog in college create an alternative career just in case you were unable to secure the job in your chosen field.

Overall, college days are easily the best days – fewer responsibilities and more time to concentrate on new projects. So if you want to start a blog take the plunge, however, read “15 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started A Lifestyle Blog” before you do so and happy blogging!

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