Failing Classes in College? Start Doing These Now

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This post is about, 20+ things you can do if you’re failing classes in college.

Find the best ways to improve your grades in college!

College life can be stressful. It’s even more stressful when you’re failing your classes. So what do you do in college to relieve stress?

You party, drink and do pretty much everything else that has nothing to do with your schoolwork.

Unfortunately, these activities usually do more harm than good to your sanity and grades.

If you ask for advice about how to improve your college grades, most people will tell you to use a better studying strategy.

However, let’s be honest, sometimes just studying isn’t enough.

Now, this isn’t to say that improving your grades is impossible – it is still possible you just have to change your college routine a little bit.

Here Are 20+ Grade Improving Ideas If You’re Failing Classes In College

Get your grades up by incorporating these tips into your college routine. Good luck!

1. Find a Group of Students to Study With If You’re Failing a Class in College

This is a lot easier than it may seem. If you have multiple classes then the chance of you seeing the same students in most of your classes is pretty high.

In these situations, it is easy to form a study group with those students.

2. Attend Your College Classes Regularly

When it’s all said and done whether you pass or fail a class also depends on the professor.

If you don’t know already professors do not have much pity for college students who don’t show up to class so try to attend your college classes regularly.

3. Be Punctual For Classes Especially the Classes You are Failing

Most professors dislike when students are late for classes. Some hate it so much that they will lock the door, forcing you to miss class if you’re late.

Moreover, also understand you run the risk of missing vital notes and information when you’re late to class.

4. Sit in the front of the Classroom If You Are Failing A Course in College

It is a lot easier to stay focused by sitting in front of the class versus sitting at the back of the class.

Sitting in the front also helps you avoid distractions.

In fact, when you are at the front it is a lot easier to keep yourself accountable.

For instance, now it becomes a lot easier for the professor to see you doing things you really have no business doing, like sleeping or playing on your phone.

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5. Engage More in Your College Classes

When you’re engaging in class it is easier to retain the information that you’re learning.

Plus it gives the impression that you’re trying to pass the class which can help you in the long run when the professor is grading your work.

6. Get Your Hands on Past Exams and Quizzes

Breaking news! Many of these professors do not enjoy putting extra effort into grading papers or creating new assignments/exams.

So many professors reuse old assignments and exams from previous years and even from previous assignments/exams given earlier on during the semester.

You can get a hold of past exams by using Google or by talking to someone who already took the class.

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7. Frequently Visit Your Professor During Office Hours to Ask Questions

When you show that you’re really trying to pass the class professors take notice of that.

In fact, some professors will go as far as bumping your grade a whole letter if they really want you to pass.

This will not be the case if they don’t see you putting in the effort because their thought process is “If they don’t care about their grade then why should I?”

Attending office hours will show your professor you’re serious about graduating.

It will also give you an opportunity to ask questions that you forgot to ask in class or questions you don’t feel comfortable asking in class.

8. Don’t Get Easily Distracted in Class

Come to class with the mind frame of not getting distracted because the last thing you want to do is miss out on important information.

Keep in mind that some professors give out information you can only get if you attended class.

In a worst-case scenario, you can always get the notes from other students who were paying attention, but it is always better to not rely on others if you can help it.

9. Be Willing to Make Sacrifices To Improve Your College Grades

Be prepared to party less and spend less time with friends.

If it is not a school-related activity then you will have to focus less on those things and put the majority of your focus on passing your classes.

10. Find a Stress Reliever That Isn’t Time Consuming

Partying and drinking are cool from time to time. This can take the edge off during stressful times, but partying every night and being too hungover to do anything in the morning take away a lot of your time.

If you’re looking for a stress reliever then try working out or maybe enjoying one of your hobbies during your study break.

11. Be Likable

Professors want their students to pass and are more than willing to help out. Students are more than willing to team up with other students to pass their classes.

Utilizing these two things can help you out tremendously if you’re likable. If you are unlikable professors will care less if you pass or fail and students will be less willing to study with you or help you out.

12. Ask Your Professor What Topics Will Be Covered On The Exam

Don’t be scared to ask your professor what will be on the exam and what topics you need to study more.

Once you have this information highlight these topics in your notes and textbooks and put your focus on those topics while studying.

13. Ask A Classmate To Share Their Notes With You If You’re Getting Bad Grades

Maybe you missed way too many classes and as a result, you don’t have the necessary information to study.

Yea, it happens to the best of us – life happens.

Well, your best option is to ask for some help from your fellow classmate. A few might be very understanding and help you out but you most likely won’t get any help if you don’t ask.

So, don’t be shy or too prideful – now is not the time. Get these notes to pass the class.

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14. Read the Syllabus For All Your College Classes

The syllabus will give you an idea of what to expect from the professor and what to study throughout the semester.

15. Utilize Google on Open Book Exams/Quizzes That Are Outside of Class

Here is a hack for all college students. If you’re taking an exam or quiz online, especially for online classes copy and paste the question into Google search to see if the answers are available online.

Websites like Quizlet are notorious for helping students pass exams.

Now of course, in the long run, you would be better off trying to fully understand the concepts being tested than taking the exam but Google helps too.

This is very helpful if you are taking online college courses.

16. Drop the Class If It Is Not Too Late If You’re Getting Bad Grades

If you realize a certain class or professor isn’t for you then drop out.

Sometimes you deal with professors that make the class difficult for no reason and passing that course is a matter of taking the class with a different professor.

I highly recommend moving forward you use Rate My Professor before you enroll in classes. If you’re reading this and it is too late to drop your class then no worries.

These tips provided here will help you get back on the right track if you are willing to work hard.

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17. Cut Off, Toxic People

In times like this, you will need all the positive energy you can get.

People who will doubt you and encourage you to do everything but your schoolwork aren’t anyone you need to be associated with.

Hence, do your grades and yourself a favor by cutting them off.

18. Do Extra Credit For Classes

If a professor gives you the opportunity to do extra credit then take advantage of that opportunity.

If they don’t mention it in class or in their syllabus then visit their office and ask them if you can do anything for extra credit.

Whether or not the professor gives you extra credit depends on the professor themselves and the amount of effort you put in class throughout the semester.

If you barely come to class but the times you do come to class you’re always late plus you don’t pay attention instead you distract others then the chances of the professor giving you extra credit are slim to none.

19. Get Plenty of Sleep

It is understandable that there will be sleepless nights due to studying, but if you can help it try to get as much sleep as you can.

It is much easier to focus in class and study in general when you have a good night’s rest.

20. Stop Studying at the Last Minute

Studying consists of learning information and retaining that information. That is easier said than done.

You can only cram so much information at once and the chances of you retaining that information are not too great.

Give yourself time to really study the material and you will pass your exam.

How to pass college classes if you are failing

21. Give Yourself A Practice Exam

Some professors will provide a practice exam which can be a great resource to use to prepare for your exam.

If you’re not given a practice exam then make your own.

Put questions on index cards with the answer on the back and try to answer the question without looking at the answer.

22. Attend Tutorial Sessions For College Classes You Are Failing

Tutorial sessions are there for a reason and failing a class is the top reason you need to abuse these sessions.

If you are failing a class you need to be a regular attendee at these sessions. Sometimes a one-on-one with another student can make a big difference in understanding a difficult concept.

Moreover, you can ask the tutor all the questions you were probably too afraid to ask during class or even during office hours.

23. Stay Positive, Know That Everything Will Be Okay

As stressful as being in college can be it will all work out in the end if you give it everything you got.

A lot of times when you’re taking a difficult exam sometimes most of the other students are struggling too so you’re not alone in this.

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Not to mention that if everybody fails it is not going to be the best look in the world for the professor.

Hence, the reason a lot of professors give curves is to help everybody pass.

So take heart, stay positive, and know there is light at the end of the tunnel.

However, in the meantime, start changing your college routine a bit using these tips as your guide and be willing to work hard or harder to improve your grades.

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