How To Adjust Foundation Shade Using Foundation Mixers

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Foundation mixers are great makeup products to add to your makeup collection especially if you have a hard time finding your right foundation shade.


Foundation Mixers Fix Darker or Lighter Foundations

What Are Foundation Mixers Used For?


List of Popular Foundation Mixers

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Foundation Mixers Alternatives For Adjusting Foundation Shade

Thankfully, when it comes to makeup there are always alternatives you just have to be willing to research and get your hands dirty.

Therefore, you will be happy to know you can also use a lighter or darker foundation you already own as a foundation mixer to adjust a foundation shade.

However, just ensure you are mixing similar foundation formulas together for the best results. For instance, mixing a light tone water-based foundation to adjust a dark tone water-based foundation instead of using a light tone oil based foundation to adjust a dark tone water-based foundation.

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