Concealers That Can Replace Your Foundations

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A makeup routine with fewer steps is one you will likely commit to and enjoy doing. The more products your makeup routine contains the more steps you will have to complete before you complete the routine. Hence, having products that can perform the job of other products is what you should strive to include in your makeup routine.

Concealers That Can Replace Foundations


How Concealers And Foundations Are Used

Concealers and foundations are mainly used to cover imperfections on the skin. When these products are used together properly they can cover imperfections without leaving a trace. However, some concealers are so pigmented they can replace your foundations.

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Here Are A Few Concealers That Can Replace Your Foundations

If you own Mac Pro Longwear Concealer, NYX Above and Beyond Full Coverage Concealer or LA Girl HD Pro Concealer, you are in luck. These four products are very pigmented, therefore they cover imperfections very well and in some cases cover better than some foundations on the market.

For the best results, set the concealer with some translucent powder to help keep the concealer in place. If you have dry skin, you will want to ensure your skin is really moisturized before applying these concealers. If you are an oily girl, you will love these because these concealers tend to mattify the skin really well.


Mac Pro Longwear Concealer


NYX Above & Beyond Full Coverage Concealer


LA Girl HD Pro Concealer

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What are your favorite concealers?

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