10 Common Signs Of Maturity – Are You Immature?

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Are you really all grown up, or are you just grown-ish? This post is about 10 common signs of maturity.

Find out if you’re a mature adult or if you are immature.

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Growing up and changing is part of life, and it is expected that with age and experience comes wisdom.

Unfortunately, that isn’t necessarily the case.

However, for most of us who actually grow up to become rational members of society, these 10 common signs of maturity can cause a positive change in attitude and behavioral patterns.

10 Signs Of Maturity

  1. You Complain Less
  2. You Talk Less
  3. You Value Your Time
  4. You Mind Your Business
  5. You Make Peace With Your Past
  6. You’re Truly Happy For The Success Of Others
  7. You Don’t Waste Time Gossiping
  8. You’re Not Constantly Seeking Validation
  9. You Do Things That Make You Happy
  10. You Place A High Value On Relationships

Signs Of Maturity #1: You Complain Less

You complain less since you become more grateful and appreciative of what you have.

Now, you use that time to work towards the goals you want to achieve and take responsibility for your actions.

When maturity kicks in, you count your blessings and not your problems.

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Signs Of Maturity #2: You Also Talk Less

You talk less, listen more, and give credit where it’s due because you become more understanding, self-aware, and realize that everything is not always about you.

Signs Of Maturity #3: You Value Your Time

You value your time a lot more.

As a result, you are not afraid to tell others no when it’s necessary.

Now, you use that time to work on yourself.

Signs Of Maturity #4: You Mind Your Business

You mind your business and wish others well.

In fact, now you don’t concern yourself with the livelihood of others.

Instead, you wholeheartedly hope that all is well, and they are succeeding in their endeavors.

Signs Of Maturity #5: You Make Peace With Your Past

You make peace with your past.

So now, you don’t shy away from who you were or what you did before.

Instead, you accept it and humbly move forward with a better understanding of the person you have now become.

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Signs Of Maturity #6: You’re Truly Happy For The Success Of Others

You are truly happy about the success of others.

Hence, you are not afraid to let others shine because you know it does not take away from who you are as an individual and your accomplishments so far in life.

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Signs Of Maturity #7: You Don’t Waste Time Gossiping

You don’t waste time gossiping.

These sessions lose their appeal.

In fact, they become rather boring, pointless, and a complete waste of time.

Instead, you start replacing them with self-enriching activities.

Signs Of Maturity #8: You’re Not Constantly Seeking Validation

You are not constantly seeking validation from others.

Now, you are confident in yourself and what you have to offer.

Hence, you realize that not everyone will agree with who you are, and you are perfectly fine with that.

Signs Of Maturity #9: You Do Things That Make You Happy

You do things that make you happy.

Now you are not concerned with the opinions of others because you realize that your life is precious.

Plus, living according to someone else opinions and beliefs will only leave you miserable and unfulfilled.

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Signs Of Maturity #10: You Place A High Value On Relationships

Now, you place a high value on relationships in general.

But most importantly, you know who your true friends are, so you cherish and make time for them.

Additionally, family commitments become a priority.

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