10 Reasons You Can’t Get Over A Breakup

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Today is the day! Here are the 10 reasons you still can’t get over a breakup.

Plus, steps you can take to speed up this emotionally draining process.

If you are still moping over your Ex, I guarantee you it’s because of these 10 reasons.

Here Are The 10 Reasons You Still Can’t Get Over A Breakup

I have been there, so I know it’s not easy!

However, until you face the harsh truths, you will still keep on moping around!

One of the main steps for closure is facing facts no matter how bad they are and dealing with them face-on!

1. You Still Aren’t Dealing With The Breakup

Breakups are emotionally draining, so choosing to avoid dealing with the breakup is tempting.

However, not dealing with a breakup really doesn’t help your healing process.

If anything, it stalls it.

Instead: Come to terms with the breakup and what it means to you moving forward.

Definitely, don’t ignore your feeling and then jump right into another relationship without healing from your previous one.

Doing so is unfair to the other person and most importantly it’s unfair to you. Deal with it, heal, then move on.

2. You Are Still Blinded By Your Ex’s Bullshit

Yes, I said it!

You still have the craziest excuse for everything they did wrong, even when your friends and family point out their selfish behavior time after time.

Instead: See things for what they really were.

There is no need to keep on trying to find the good in a bad relationship when there wasn’t much good in that bad, unhealthy relationship in the first place.

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While this might be harsh, life is harsh, and it’s time you start considering your own feelings for once.

Therefore, focus on how different situations in the relationship made you feel.

While you may be tempted to just focus on the good situations, don’t!

Be fair to yourself by not leaving any stone unturned – evaluate every situation.

3. You Are Still Stalking Your Ex On Social Media

Stalking your ex on Social Media is unhealthy.

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Especially if they blocked you, and instead of moving on, you’re now using other people’s Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok accounts to track them.

Instead: In general, it’s better to unfollow your ex on all social media platforms.

Yes, ALL.

It’s not childish. It’s one of the first steps towards giving yourself a fair chance to regain emotional stability.

4. You Are Still Hoping That There’s A Chance For A Relationship

Nothing is impossible, but hoping someone who rejected you change their mind is unfair to you.

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Instead: Put yourself first by giving yourself a chance for a fresh start.

5. You Still Think It’s Your Fault The Bad Relationship Ended

There is no reason you should continually blame yourself for a failed relationship.

Some relationships are not meant to last, and that’s okay.

Life goes on. One thing I learned is as life happens people change or their reasons for association change.

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Thus, you have to be ready to deal with that reality.

Instead: Count your blessings and keep active.

Get a new hobby, get a new look, and pamper yourself more often.

Overall, take this time to reconnect with yourself and others around you.

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6. You Are Still Responding To Your Ex Random Messages

Hey, big head?

WYD (What you’re doing?)

What’s up?

I miss you … you know.

How is life treating you?

These messages are so annoying, and it’s probably time you change your number or just block them.

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These are selfish people who don’t want to commit, but they don’t want you to move on with your life.

So they continue giving you false hope with random messages.

Instead: Stand strong and stop being their victim. Plus, change your phone number if you have to!

7. You Are Still In Constant Contact With Their Friends And Family

You need and deserve a clean break, but don’t have to unfriend his family and friends.

However, you need time to heal and readjust to life without your significant other.

Being in constant contact with their friends and family will only prolong your healing period.

Instead: Distance yourself until you are over the situation.

Trust me, they will understand.

After all, you are no longer in the relationship, so it’s only natural.

8. You Are Still Cherishing Your Ex’s Gifts

Cherishing your ex’s gifts greatly overemphasizes the good times in the relationship and marginalizes the bad times.

Therefore, you need a clear head and still cherishing your ex’s gifts will do nothing more than mess up your psyche.

Instead: It’s time to visit a donation center or eBay.

Return, donate, or sell gifts, especially those gifts associated with special memorable events in the relationship.

9. You Are Still Doing Your Ex-Favorite Things

He likes to go bowling on Saturday, so you still do that every Saturday night.

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She loves car racing, so you still feel obligated to watch the shows even if you hate them.

Instead: Find new hobbies pronto!

Remember, you need a fresh start so their hobbies, likes, and dislikes are no longer your concern.

10. You Are Still Giving Your Ex-Relationship Privileges

You are still giving them relationship privileges because you are still trying to be “friends” or hoping they will change their minds and take you back.

So instead, you keep it as civil as possible by doing whatever they ask of you, no matter how ridiculous it may seem.

Instead: Find the strength to reclaim who you are as a person to say no.

Remember, you deserve the best in life.

Therefore, if you aren’t their first choice, it’s their loss, and it’s time to move on.

10 Reasons You Still Can’t Get Over Your Bad Ex | Chiclypoised.com

Breakups Suck

Overall breakups suck. However, there are steps you can take to get over a breakup faster.

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The best revenge for a bad ex is simply getting over them.

So take the necessary steps to break free from this emotional constraint to reclaim your life.

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