The Natural Hair Community Is Toxic! Sadly

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The natural hair community is toxic! Let’s talk.

You Can't Sit With Us |

Honestly, what is going on? Why are some out here ridiculing people for their hairstyle preference?

It takes a strong woman to go against the grain especially when her choice isn’t trending.

Life is hard enough why are some hell-bent on making others feel uncomfortable?

The Natural Hair Movement Isn’t Just About Hair But

Some women feel liberated, especially those who hated their normal hair relaxer maintenance routine.

Others feel more in touch with their heritage now that they wear their natural hair.

Some wanted to become role models for the younger generation by showing them wearing their hair natural is beautiful too.

Some wanted to help natural hair become more acceptable in the workplace.

I am sure there are many other reasons some people decided to get off the “creamy crack train”.

For me, I just wanted a break from the creamy crack, to grow healthy hair.

Call me selfish, but I wasn’t concern about any of the stated reasons because I never saw hair as being a big deal and maybe that’s one of the reasons my hair was chemically damaged.

The natural hair community is toxic

The natural hair community is toxic because the bad apples in the natural hair community are distracted.

Yes, distracted! They are concerned about all the wrong things and fighting about the wrong things too.

In fact, some black women are always fighting among themselves. I believe the media have many conditioned to dwell on unimportant issues.

There are too many problems affecting the black community including discrimination of all forms, police brutality, unwed mothers, high incarceration rate, black-on-black crime, and the list goes on.

So why another sister’s hairstyle is on anyone’s priority list is highly questionable.

Are some using this as a distraction to avoid facing their own personal issues or is making another sister feel out-of-place and inadequate because of her preference is the goal?

Natural Hair Community Cult Bullying Behavior

At this rate, it’s a cult and this cult bullying behavior needs to stop.

It seems like if you’re not natural “you can’t sit with us”.

However, being natural does not make anyone better than another who isn’t.

Sadly, this kind of thinking among many other things is what’s holding many back from greatness.

Frankly, some are just too worried about things that will not change the price of milk.

You Better Never Go Back On The “Creamy Crack Train” Because The Natural Hair Police Will Get You

If you think I am kidding view comments under these YouTube videos. Some comments are encouraging thankfully.

However, the rude ones are just out of line.  Depending on your mood some of these comments will either entertain or annoy you.

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The Thing About The Natural Hair Movement

The natural hair movement now seems to focus more on loyalty than reality.

However, the reality is, we all don’t have the same hair texture.

Hence, while it takes some a few minutes to get their natural hair styled for others it takes hours.

Moreover, some hair textures, in general, require a lot more resources and effort to maintain.

The Struggle Is Actually Real It Isn’t Complaining

My low porosity 4c hair puts me in my place every wash day – no kidding.

In general, 4 type-hair textures need a lot more maintenance.

While some people don’t mind the additional time required to care for natural hair some do.

However, there are ways around it like locking the hair but locs hairstyle is not everyone preference.

So for those who don’t want locs or don’t want to devote additional time to hair care, they are free to choose alternative methods that complement their lifestyle, and frankly, there is nothing wrong with that.

Thus, they should not be bullied for doing so.

Natural Hair Maintenance Is Not Easier For All

I hear some say natural hair is maintenance is easier than a relaxer. While this may be true for some hair textures, I spent less time styling my relaxed hair.

Currently, the quickest way to get my natural hair styled is rocking my puffy fro or completely styling my hair the night before and that’s my reality.

If I want to be late deliberately all I have to do is try styling my hair on the day of an event.

Yes, I won’t need that “Sorry I am late I didn’t want to come” t-shirt or the common excuse “stuck in traffic”.

My hair would be all the excuse I need to join the “petty crew”.

Overall, if you have low porosity 4c hair texture you know the struggle.

While I have embraced my 4c tightly coiled hair I refuse to pretend the struggle isn’t real.

Hair Texture Discrimination And Hair Length Discrimination

“Natural hair isn’t for everyone” Ha! Ha! This is one of the craziest and funniest statements I’ve heard in a while.

This statement has a lot to do with hair texture discrimination and hair length discrimination.

Hair texture and length discrimination is a major issue within the hair community.

Sadly you would think we’re all in this together but unfortunately, we are still struggling from the “good hair” syndrome.

While there is no doubt the natural hair movement has helped alleviate these issues it is human nature to compare.

Hence, the more attention the natural movement gets the more some sisters feel inadequate because their hair textures don’t fit the “good hair” category.

On the flip side, I can also interpret this statement to mean not everyone has the time and money to care for natural hair especially considering we all don’t have the same texture.

Thus, we are not all dealing with the same issues in regard to hair care.

However, because of how sensitive some are about hair, my first interpretation would be enough to start an argument but in reality, some people just can’t manage.

What To Read Next

Stop Questioning A Sister’s Loyalty To Her Blackness

Another dumb one. Yes, dumb. “You hate your blackness if your hair is not natural!”

Really now? Who came up with this one?

Choosing to style hair differently does not make anyone less black and natural hair doesn’t make anyone more black.

I have never seen any legal document question, anyone, about their hair texture, instead, you checkmark the African-American/Black box if you are, then answer the other questions and keep it moving.

So why are some allowing hairstyle preferences to further divide us is appalling.

Natural Against Natural

The natural hair police are not playing!

According to some, if you are natural you better never try to alter your natural hair texture in any shape or form.

Like how extreme is that! So a sister can’t use a flat-iron at home or silk press.

If she does then, she isn’t natural or completely natural, or she is cheating!

Yes, cheating! Cheating what though?

I thought the movement was about freedom of choice but oh well so much for that.

Another Division In The Black Community

While the natural hair movement cultivates acceptance, freedom of choice, and empowerment on the flip side it also evokes hate, pain, and division that some would rather ignore.

Overall, there isn’t much acceptance, freedom of choice, or empowerment if instead, we choose to belittle our own over our hairstyle preferences.

Feel Free To Choose What Works Best For You

It’s your hair, and it’s your life so feel free to choose what works best for you.

Some people will always have an opinion on your lifestyle whether it’s relevant or irrelevant, good or bad.

However, don’t let these opinions stop you from doing what makes you happy.

If you choose to be natural then rock it!

If you choose creamy crack then own it!

If you choose weave and braids then live it up!

We all have preferences and that’s okay. That’s one of the things that makes this journey so damn interesting.

In conclusion, I am quite aware everyone is free to have opinions. However, the bullying over hair isn’t cute.

It wasn’t cute back then and isn’t cute now, especially when it’s still happening among ourselves.

It’s better to encourage instead of bullying.

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