15 Hair Care Essentials Tightly Coiled Girls Need Before Big Chop

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The initial natural hair big chop shock is really something else. No amount of words can fully describe my initial feelings. I remembered laughing out loud wondering what the heck did I just do.


The Initial Natural Hair Big Chop Shock Stage Is Real

Yes, there is an initial shock stage – it actually exists. Some people laugh out loud, some cry, some grab their wigs tightly and some rock the hell out of the TWA from the beginning.


I Laughed Out Loud Then Rocked The Hell Out Of My TWA But Not Before I Tightly Grabbed My DIY Clip-On Wig

Clearly, I was tripping for a while there. However, my biggest shock was when I realized my DIY clip-on wig hairstyles would no longer be possible. Thus, from that moment I had no choice but to quickly come to terms with my big chop.


DIY Clip-On Wig Vs Big Chop

However, I would be lying if I told you I didn’t try to make the DIY clip-on wig work. Yes, the determination in me did not give up without a fight, however, in the end, my tightly coiled 4C hair won.


Individual Reactions To Their Big Chop

I must admit, even though I decided to big chopped to take a break from “creamy crack” to grow healthier hair it was still hard to give up certain hairstyles. Overall, I truly believe individual reactions to their big chop are based on the initial reasons for the big chop, how attached someone is to their hair and someone’s level of openness to change.

Wearing My DIY Wig Clip-On In This Video

Big Chop Shock Preparation Is Essential

Big chopping your hair without prior preparation is okay but based on my experience it’s better to have a plan. A big chop plan helps you commit long term from the start.  In my case, thankfully, before I big chop I purchased a few hair essentials for dry 4C tightly coiled natural hair, hoping these hair care essentials would help me get through the initial natural hair shock period.


Here Are The 5 Hair Essentials You Need To Handle The Initial Big Chop Shock

These hair detangling, hair moisturizing and hairstyling essentials worked great. However, I strongly believe I would have gone back to my cream crack jar in a heartbeat if I didn’t have these essentials. If you have dry 4C tightly coiled hair these essentials or similar may work wonders for you.

15 Hair Care Essentials Tightly Coiled Girls Need Before Big Chop | 4C Dry Tightly Coiled Natural Hair | Chiclypoised.com


Essential Hair Products To Cleanse 4C Dry Tightly Coiled Natural Hair

Paraben and Sulfate Free Shampoo
Paraben and Sulfate Free  Deep Conditioner
Deep Conditioner


Essential Hair Products To Detangle 4C Dry Tightly Coiled Natural Hair

Denman Brush
Wide Tooth Comb
Afro Styling Pik
Hair Spray Bottle


Essential Hair Products To Moisturize 4C Dry Tightly Coiled Natural Hair

Jamaican Black Castor Oil
Spray Bottle


Essential Hair Products To Style 4C Dry Tightly Coiled Natural Hair

Eco Styler Gel
Bobby Hair Pins
Multi-purpose Satin Head Scarf



[Synthetic wig you love for days you just can’t manage. It’s totally optional, however, I highly highly recommend it.]

Wearing The Wig With Black Hairband In This Video

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