How To Buy Quality Clothing On A Budget

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It’s quality over quantity, and smart shoppers have figured it out! Here’s how they buy quality clothing on a budget.

Find out how you too can save money on quality clothing.

Buying Quality Clothing Isn’t Cheap

Oh, how I wish buying quality clothing was more affordable.

Don’t we all?

Now, fast-fashion, companies like Boohoo offer very affordable, cute, and trendy clothing.

Unfortunately, while their fashionable items are trendy and cute, these items are not made to last a long time when compared to quality items.

Thankfully, purchasing quality clothing is still possible even on a tight budget, you just need a shopping strategy that works.

Here is a solid shopping strategy to help you buy quality clothing on a budget.

How To Buy Quality Clothing On A Budget

  1. Consider purchasing other colors
  2. Shop end of season fashion sales
  3. Use cashback programs to save money
  4. Consider thrift shopping for fashionable pieces
  5. Shop at off-price retailers
  6. Physically visit the store

How To Buy Quality Clothing On A Budget #1: Consider Purchasing Other Colors

The stores have figured it out! Colors sell, not just the style.

Have you ever paid more for the same clothing item just because you bought it in a different color?

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Yes, it happens. Sometimes you don’t have a choice.

However, if you do have a choice, you can save money on quality clothing pieces by simply buying a different color.

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How To Buy Quality Clothing On A Budget #2: Shop End Of Season Fashion Sales

Have you purchased a quality clothing item at the beginning of a season just to see that same clothing item heavily discounted at the end of the season?

Isn’t that annoying and it sucks!

I know the feeling too well.

That’s one reason I rarely shop at the beginning of a season.

Overall, it is best to wait to shop end of season fashion sales unless you have absolutely no choice.

How To Buy Quality Clothing On A Budget #3: Use Cashback Programs To Save Money

Always use cashback programs like TopCashback or Rakuten to save money on shopping.

Most department stores have cashback programs with TopCashback or Rakuten, where they offer discounts alongside other store coupons.

So don’t miss out on an opportunity to purchase higher quality clothing on a budget.

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How To Buy Quality Clothing On A Budget #4: Thrift Shopping When It Makes Sense

Thrift shopping isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and I totally understand.

However, depending on the store you can find some amazing, quality clothing on a budget.

Now, just a quick disclaimer, not all thrift stores are created equally.

From experience, thrift stores located near better neighborhoods have better items.

So, before you go thrift shopping, you may want to do some research about the area the thrift store is located.

How To Buy Quality Clothing On A Budget #5: Shop At Off-Price Retailers

Whenever I am shopping for quality pieces for less, I always visit a few off-price retailers.

These retailers usually provide high-quality goods at cheap prices when compared to department stores.

Thus, customers are able to save by purchasing branded or designer items at significantly lower prices than the full-price at department stores.

Now, off-price retailers buy their inventory from department store brands that have excess inventory, they don’t want.

So, when you purchase from an off-price retailer, you are purchasing a better quality clothing item for less.

Here Are A Few Off-price Retailers:

How To Buy Quality Clothing On A Budget #6: Physically Visit The Store

Looks can be deceiving.

Therefore, when you’re looking for quality clothing on a budget, you can’t solely depend on the looks, you also need to feel the clothing item.

So, physically visit the store to feel the material and exam the sewing patterns of the clothing item if possible, don’t only depend on the reviews or how the clothing item looks online.

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