Why Smart Shoppers Don’t Ignore Unpopular Colors

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Certain colors cost more. Thankfully, choosing an unpopular color has its advantages. Find out what retailers don’t want you to know.

Choosing The Unpopular Has Its Advantages

Shopping is fun, but don’t you hate it when a retailer tries to pull a quick one on you by upper the price of certain colors for the same item?

This practice seems to be quite common for clothing items sold on Amazon.

Thankfully, retailers like Boohoo offer more affordable and trendy clothing and don’t play these games.

Nevertheless, sometimes choosing the unpopular color saves you some money on the purchase.

So Here’s The Tea Behind Retailers’ Pricing Based On Colors

All in all, the retailers know colors sell, not just the design or the style.

Plus, they also know, for some events you don’t have a choice.

However, if you do have a choice, you can save money by simply buying a different color.

Therefore, unless it’s a color-coordinated event like a wedding, consider the other colors.

1. Pricing Products Based On Trending Colors Is Increasing In Popularity

Over the years, it has become a common practice for retailers to price products based on the “it color” of the season.

Now that consumers have been conditioned to pay more for the same product, just in a different color, more retailers are using this marketing strategy to sell even complementary products.

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2. How People Choose Colors

People choose colors based on emotions, preferences, and events.

In between these factors, there are usually a few unpopular colors shoppers will completely ignore.

Yes! This situation creates an overstock situation.

Therefore, in order, to get rid of the dead stock, these retailers will offer a lower price on these colors.

Now, this action creates an opportunity where you can save money by buying those colors instead.

3. Let’s Blame Pantone Seasonal Colors Publication

For example, the color selection for Spring Fashion Colors 2017 by Pantone was vibrant with a hint of nude colors for balance.

Consequently, fashion designers designed clothing items using these colors.

Really it’s a great business they have going on, I can’t even blame them.

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4. How To Buy Unpopular Colors and Make Them Work

  • Dye the item if you really want to change the color. Note, in some cases, just buying the color you want might be cheaper than buying dye and using your time to dye the item.
  • Pair clothing items with other fun items in your closet.
  • Use the unpopular color when the color is popular.
  • Go against the grain. For example, instead of decorating a baby girl’s room pink, use cheaper neutral colors.

5. Let’s Save Money Instead

Let’s not go broke trying to buy items based on the current season’s color.

Consider the unpopular color, chances are, you could save some money.

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Plus, that unpopular color today might be popping next season.

Overall, it’s all about your personal style, so don’t let the retailers scam you into overpaying for colors.

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