Should You Indulge In High Fashion Designer Dupes To Look Expensive

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Sometimes a girl wants to look posh without the price tag! Is that okay? There is a blurry line between dupes and counterfeits. Should you really indulge in fast-fashion designer dupes to look expensive?

Should You Indulge In High Fashion Designer Dupes To Save Some Money

Dupes Versus Counterfeits

What Are Counterfeits

Counterfeits are exact replicas of an original product (the design, labels, tags, name – everything). Counterfeits infringe upon the creative activity of a brand and are therefore illegal.

What Are Dupes

A dupe is an inspired version of an original product. The dupe resembles the original product but isn’t a dead-on match. While dupes are not illegal, the brand may dispute the inspired version in court, especially if the inspired design is too similar.

Where To Buy High Fashion Designer Dupes

Dupes are readily available. In fact, you can purchase high fashion designer dupes from many top fast-fashion retailers online and in stores.

Top Consumer Advantages of Buying High Fashion Designer Dupes

Dupes make high fashion designer products more affordable, especially since most designer products are too expensive for the average income earner.

Top Consumer Disadvantage of Buying High Fashion Designer Dupes

The quality of some dupes is not built to last long-term compared to most, high-quality designer fashion. Therefore, in most cases, the buyer gets exactly what they pay for – a cheaper low-quality inspired design.

So, Should You Indulge In High Fashion Designer Dupes To Look Expensive

Well, it depends on who you ask? From the luxury brand’s perspective, there isn’t a great difference between dupes and counterfeits since both are among the top factors negatively impacting sales.

However, in the case of dupes, one can argue a high percentage of high fashion designer dupe purchasers are financially unable to purchase such luxury consumer goods therefore, how significant can this impact be?

Moreover, most luxury consumer goods costs are insignificant compared to the profit margin earned from one product. The articles below from Daily Mail, HuffPost, and The Guardian share some light on the matter.

It’s Your Choice

It’s really up to your preference. Some people don’t support dupes and that’s totally fine. However, dupes make inspired designer products affordable for consumers who are not able to pay the designer price.

Personally, I don’t own counterfeits but I will snatch a “dupe”, “a shop the look”, “similar to”, “lookalike”, “inspired by” or whatever we are calling it nowadays in a hot second if the price is within my budget.

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