10 Things Adults Should Never Be Ashamed of

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Being an adult doesn’t mean you have to give up all your childish ways. Off the bat, here are 10 things adults should never be ashamed of.

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Yes! 10 things adults should never be ashamed of. Don’t let society rules stop you from living your best life! Do what makes you happy, after all, it’s your life.

10 Things Adults Should Never Be Ashamed Of

  1. Playing video games
  2. Watching cartoons
  3. Staying with parents
  4. Being a collector
  5. Being clumsy
  6. Taking naps
  7. Not eating pretty
  8. Admitting you don’t know everything
  9. Taking a break
  10. Needing help

Adults Should Never Be Ashamed Of Playing Video Games

Playing video games can help relieve stress plus help enhance one’s critical thinking skills which are very beneficial for solving day to day life problems as an adult.

Therefore, don’t be ashamed of playing video games as an adult.

Instead, focus on how you can use your gaming experience to formulate winning strategies to solve day to day life problems.

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Adults Should Never Be Ashamed Of Watching Cartoons

Some people will tell you cartoons are for kids. However, that’s far from the truth.

In fact, watching cartoons can help you relive your childhood for a little bit which in turn can help you take your mind off stressful adult responsibilities.

Adults Should Never Be Ashamed Of Staying with Parents

In today’s society, it is taboo to stay with your parents once you graduate from High School.

In fact, some people go as far as assuming graduates who continue living with their parents can’t handle adult responsibilities. How crazy is that?

Unfortunately, the pressure to “get it together” at such a young and vulnerable age is insane!

However, with all things considered it is okay to still live with your parents while you are getting ready for the next phase of your life.

Thus, don’t let anybody guilt trip you into moving out when you are not ready.

Granted in no way do I condone being a bum at your parent’s house.

However, as long as you are putting an effort to eventually live on your own then do you.

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Adults Should Never Be Ashamed Of Being a Collector

Some of us loved playing with toys as a kid. As we grew up some of us grew out of wanting toys and some of us didn’t and that is okay.

If collecting action figures, dolls, seashells, baby dinosaurs, etc. is what puts you in your happy place then so be it.

Thus, don’t let anybody force you out of a good mental space.

Adults Should Never Be Ashamed Of Being Clumsy

Most rational people try their best to avoid messes. Furthermore, they also prefer not being responsible for cleaning up other people’s messes.

While some messes can sometimes be avoided some are accidental and these messes tend to happen especially if you’re clumsy.

If you are a clumsy adult there’s nothing to be ashamed of so don’t beat yourself over it.

Instead, consider regular exercises in dancing, aerobics, or even yoga or tai chi, that emphasize balance according to WebMd.

Adults Should Never Be Ashamed Of Taking Naps

Who said adults can’t take naps. While some may believe “sleep is for the poor and you can sleep when you die,” the reality is you may find yourself being more productive and focused after a nap.

Thus, instead of trying to conquer your adult responsibilities tired and unfocused take a nap or two don’t be ashamed.

Adults Should Never Be Ashamed Of Not “Eating Pretty”

Table manners and “eating pretty” go hand in hand. However, sometimes “eating pretty” isn’t always possible especially for certain dishes.

For instance, certain foods like crab legs and chicken wings are almost impossible to “eat pretty” especially if your goal is to enjoy your crab legs dish or chicken wings dish fully.

Adults Should Never Be Ashamed Of Admitting They Don’t Know Everything

Just because you’re an adult doesn’t mean you know everything.

In fact, there is always more knowledge life has to offer.

In fact, the day you think you know everything will be the day that you stop growing as a person.

Therefore, don’t be ashamed to admit you don’t know something because it’s normal.

Adults Should Never Be Ashamed Of Taking A Break

There’s a constant pressure to “get it together” that we sometimes forget to take a break.

However, understand, it’s okay to take a break to rejuvenate and refocus from time to time.

Therefore, don’t think twice about taking time off when you need to.

Adults Should Never Be Ashamed Of Needing help

Life is wonderful and full of possibilities and opportunities.

However, sometimes life gets messy and difficult and as an adult, it’s our responsibility to analyze these messy and difficulties situations to find solutions.

Well, sometimes analyzing and finding solutions alone isn’t always the most effective and efficient route.

In fact, sometimes, asking for assistance is better than doing it alone.

Therefore, if you need help don’t be ashamed to ask for help.

All in all, you would be surprised, to find out someone was just waiting for you to ask because they didn’t want to seem nosey.

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