Best Drugstore Makeup For Oily Skin

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The best drugstore makeup for oily skin includes products that don’t cause breakouts, irritate the skin or dehydrate the skin.

Now, if you have extremely oily skin, finding products that meet these criteria plus more is time-consuming and in some cases expensive.

Furthermore, oily skin folks like myself not only have to worry about breakouts, skin irritation, and skin dehydration but also makeup transfer, makeup longevity, oil control, and shine control.

And let’s not even talk about attempting to cover stubborn acne scars without creating a “cake face”.

You see, dealing with oily skin isn’t easy.

It’s a combination of patience, practice, discipline, trial, and error. Plus, money – lots of it if you are not careful.

Drugstore Makeup For Oily Skin To The Rescue

Thankfully, there are some drugstore makeup products that have been proven to help individuals with oily skin to manage their oily skin better.

Plus, unlike high-end department store makeup products, these products are affordable.

Overall, if your skin is oily you most likely carefully select makeup products to add to your makeup routine.

Now, that’s totally understandable, after all, we all want to look and feel glamorous throughout the day.

However, before I recommend drugstore makeup products for oily skin, there are a few issues that need to be talked about, including:

  1. Are makeup products specifically created for oily skin any good?
  2. Do companies lie about oil control for profits?
  3. Can oily skin even be controlled?

Are Makeup Products Specifically Created For Oily Skin Any Good?

Individuals with oily skin have created a huge and profitable niche in the beauty industry.

So there is no surprise that beauty stores are bombarded with beauty products promising to help manage oily skin.

However, on a serious note, are makeup products specifically created for oily skin any good?

From a consumer point of view, some are and others are just a complete waste of money and time.

For example, it is a common misconception in order to control oily skin, one must use mattifying makeup products created for oily skin.

However, using too many mattifying makeup products can dehydrate the skin, causing the skin to overproduce oils to replenish lost hydration.

Therefore, while it’s advisable to use products specially created for managing oily skin, as a consumer you can’t overdo it.

Plus, also realize in order to find the best makeup products to control your oily skin, you must be willing to test out products yourself.

Especially considering, what works for one person might not necessarily work for another person.

Thankfully, drugstore makeup is more affordable than high-end department store makeup, so testing out different types of makeup products is more affordable.

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Do Companies Lie About Oil Control For Profits?

So really, do these companies deliberately falsely claim their makeup products help control oil for profits?

That’s a question that needs answers.

I have tried so many makeup products that claimed to control oily skin but failed miserably.

I kid you not, even high-end department store products.

So, I have always wondered if these pricey department store products are worth it.

I mean, one can speculate that these companies may be making false claims to increase profits, but how do you prove it?

Especially considering, what doesn’t work for one person can work for another person, because we all don’t have the same body.

So for argument’s sake, let’s say they are lying to pump profits, how do consumers reduce their chances of being scammed?

Thankfully, you are not helpless. In fact, you can significantly reduce your risk by being proactive.

Here are a few tips on how to actually be proactive to reduce the risk of you being scammed:

  • Well, for starters, request samples before purchasing a product.
  • Keep packaging and receipts, to facilitate processing easy returns.
  • Remember to return products that didn’t work out for you – don’t keep them hoping for a miracle.
  • Purchase products from online off-price retailers like TJ Maxx and Marshalls to save money, especially on pricey products – the deals on high-end makeup products on these sites are crazy.
  • Use coupons and cashback programs like TopCashback and Rakuten to save money on makeup products – don’t pay full price.
  • Stock up during the holiday season to take advantage of major sale discounts.
  • Or even before the holidays, take advantage of Sephora’s Beauty Inside Sale Events, Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty, and other beauty-related sales events.
  • Join programs like Influenster to test free makeup products without spending a dime!
  • Join makeup subscribe boxes like BoxyCharm to try high-end makeup products for a fraction of the retail price.
  • Take advantage of free in-store makeup services to get your makeup done and to actually test products.

Overall, do in-depth research. Don’t just read the comments, view videos, and/or listen to podcasts.

Also, don’t let FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) or over-hyped, expensive marketing campaigns influence your buying decision.

Instead, be proactive in the buying process.

Can Oily Skin Even Be Controlled?

All in all, creating a makeup routine with products that don’t harm the skin and control oil takes trial and error.

So, at first, it may seem like nothing works, and I mean nothing.

Not even your best friend highly-recommended products that they use every day to control their oily skin!

Overall, it takes some time to find the right products for your skin.

That’s why drugstore makeup products are so important because testing products at drugstore prices are more affordable, especially for people on a tight budget.

So, yes your oily skin can be controlled, with the help of a good dermatologist, a personalized diet plan, and suitable makeup products.

Purchasing Drugstore Makeup Is No Longer Risky Business

Purchasing drugstore makeup is no longer a risky endeavor.

If you are willing to take some risks in your pursuit of finding the best makeup for oily skin on a budget, you might be pleasantly surprised by the bargains at the drugstores.

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Best Drugstore Makeup For Oily Skin

Here is the current list of products that are worth a second look the next time you visit the drugstore or next time you decide to be risky with the next addition to your current makeup routine.

Overall, these are great products to have in your makeup collection.

This list of course includes two facial creams! Yes, don’t avoid hydrating your skin and using SPF just because it’s oily.

Remember, oily skin needs hydration and protection too!

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