100+ Nostalgic Cartoons You Can Still Watch

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100+ nostalgic cartoons you can still watch even if you’re an adult.

There’s nothing like watching your favorite childhood cartoon to make you forget about your adulthood worries. In fact, it’s one of the top things you can do to relax, well that’s if you’re into watching cartoons.

What’s your favorite childhood cartoon do you still watch it?

From experience, most of these cartoon shows can also be enjoyed even as an adult! Yes, you heard right as an adult!

As a matter of fact, after watching a couple of episodes of your favorite childhood cartoon show, you may have a whole different prospect, considering the jokes creators sneak in these cartoons many of which only you as an adult can understand.

So, just lay back relax with your favorite snack and the remote control and you’re set.

Here are 100+ nostalgic cartoons that will make you forget about your adulthood worries – find your favorite cartoon shows below!

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100+ Nostalgic Cartoons 1-20

100+ Nostalgic Cartoons To Binge Watch 6 of 6

1. Hey Arnold

Move it football head! It’s nice to see kids being kids and that’s exactly what you get with Hey Arnold.

2. Kim Possible

There is nothing like seeing a heroic woman like Kim Possible save the day.

3. Dragon Ball Z

If you want unbelievable action then look no further with Dragon Ball Z.

4. Dragon Ball

Before Dragon Ball Z it was Dragon Ball.

5. Dragon Ball GT

Dragon Ball franchise continues with Dragon Ball GT which is slightly different from the others but has the same intensity.

6. Angry Beaver

Two beavers who are brothers living together. One is angry and one is pretty chill.

7. Rocko’s Modern Life

Rocko is like every adult who is not about all the extra stuff. Rocko just wants to go to work and go about his day.

8. Courage the Cowardly Dog

The bravest dog you will ever see even though he is scared of everything. He will do whatever it takes to protect his owners. I am not going to lie some of those episodes had me shook as a kid.

9. Johnny Bravo

The man who will do anything to attract women even though his ideas don’t work too well for him.

10. Aaahh!!! Real Monsters

It’s not the scariest show in the world, but it gets the job done.

11. Rugrats

Who would had ever thought that babies can have so many crazy adventures? Even if they imagine it all?

12. All Grown Up

All Grown Up shows the Rugrats all grown up and ready to tackle the world.

13. Power Puff Girls

Sugar, spice and everything nice mixed with a beautiful accident and you got three girls that all the bad guy’s worst nightmare.

14. Cat Dog

Half cat, half dog, and two personalities that do not get along. Are you not entertained?

15. Sponge Bob Squarepants

Everybody’s favorite sponge who keeps Bikini Bottom clean one bubble at a time.

16. The Grim Adventure of Billy and Mandy

Who would have ever thought the grim reaper had a Jamaican accent, let alone be friends with two kids? That still won’t stop the grim reaper from doing his job.

17. The Proud Family

Funny cartoon series with an important life lesson in every episode.

18. DuckTales

Donald and Daffy are cool but none of them can beat the mischievous triplets.

19. Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers

Two Chipmunks travel the world to find adventure and excitement.

20. Animaniacs

Three siblings with the main goal of getting into all kinds of mayhem.

100+ Nostalgic Cartoons 21-40

100+ Nostalgic Cartoons To Binge Watch 2 of 5

21. Doug

A teen named Doug is trying to survive school.

22. Gargoyles

You don’t have to be in the spotlight to protect the city and the Gargoyles prove that. However, they really had no choice since they turn into stone during the day.

23. Daria

An unbothered teen who minds her business.

24. Arthur

This may be low-key be one of the most diverse shows we had for kids back in the 90s.

Everybody was a different type of animal but they all got along aside from a few disagreements from time to time.

25. Beavis and Butthead

It was a lot of craziness in this one show. With a name like Beavis and Butthead, kids can’t help but be curious about this cartoon.

26. South Park

This is the cartoon you watch when your parents were asleep.

27. Sailor Moon

Girl power at its finest beating up villains one day at a time.

28. Pinky and the Brain

One is a genius and the other one is…not so much, but together they set out to rule the world.

29. Dexter’s Laboratory

A child prodigy who has a secret lab. Unfortunately, that lab is not a secret to his big sister Dee Dee.

30. Looney Tunes

Calling this a classic is an understatement. What up doc?!

31. The Looney Tunes Show

Not to get it confused with Looney Tunes this is Bugs Bunny and the gang in modern times.

32. Tiny Toon Adventures

The Looney Tunes you know and love as a kid.

33. The Simpsons

A cartoon where almost everybody is yellow and donuts are everything in Springfield.

34. King of the Hill

It doesn’t get much more country than this in the great state of Texas, but regardless Hank Hill is a man who stands up for what he believes in while making sure his family is happy.

35. The Magic School Bus

Where was the magic school bus when I was a kid? This show is full of fun and adventure.

36. Inspector Gadget

I think it is safe to say that Inspector Gadget is way ahead of technology with the gadgets.

37. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

You can eat pizza every day and you still wouldn’t love pizza as much as these turtles. When they’re not eating pizza they are protecting their city from evil.

38. Family Guy

We all know that one person will get you in trouble in a heartbeat. That guy is Peter Griffin. Regardless of his mischief and immaturity he still wants what is best for his family.

39. Goof Troop

You got to love a goofball. This character is so goofy that he was named Goofy.

40. The Bernstein Bears

As a kid, I always read a Bernstein Bear book so when I discovered the cartoon I just had to check it out. Like any kid show in the 90s, it is packed full of life lessons.

100+ Nostalgic Cartoons 41-60

100+ Nostalgic Cartoons To Binge Watch 3 of 5

41. Scooby-Doo

Scooby Dooby Doo, Where Are You? Probably somewhere eating with Shaggy while the rest of the gang looks for clues to solve a mystery.

42. The Smurfs

Although it is weird that there was only one girl in the village full of little blue people that didn’t stop the Smurfs from living their best lives while surviving one day at a time from Gargamel and his cat.

43. The Flintstones

The closest thing we got to the Stone Ages.

44. Ed, Edd, N Eddy

A hustler, a genius, and the not-so-bright muscle. How can they not conquer the Cul-de-sac?

45. Rocket Power

Who can beat Otto and the gang in extreme sports? I’ll wait.

46. The Wild Thornberry

I couldn’t tell you a family who travels more than the Thornberries. If Doctor Do-little needs an assistant then Eliza Thornberry is perfect for the job.

47. The Ren and Stimpy Show

I couldn’t even tell you what this show was about but it was entertaining.

48. Alvin and the Chipmunks

Three chipmunk siblings who love to have fun, but get in trouble from time to time.

49. Recess

We all need recess, even if we have jobs. Luckily, these kids have the time of their life every weekday during recess.

50. Captain Planet

Fighting bad guys while saving the environment. We can all learn a thing or two from Captain Planet.

51. Garfield

Sometimes I aspire to be as lazy as this cat right here, but then who would cook the lasagna for me?

52. Thunder Cats

I think calling them cats is an understatement. How about humanoid felines who will fight evildoers until the job is done.

53. He-Man

Don’t let the speedo fool you. He-man is taking out the trash one evil villain at a time.

54. Swat Kats

Protecting the city in the coolest jet you will ever lay eyes on.

55. Muppet Babies

Who would have ever thought that Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy looked adorable as babies?

56. G.I. Joe

Who needs an army when you have the G.I. Joe to save America?

57. Transformers

Move over Elon because a self-driving car is nothing compared to a car that can transform into a killing machine.

58. Invader Zim

Just your ordinary alien trying to take over mankind. Nothing Major.

59. Fairy Odd Parents

Who needs a genie when you have fairy godparents because we all need more than 3 wishes?

60. Samurai Jack

A man seeking revenge but is sent to the past. Will Samurai Jack defeat Aku? Find out on the next episode of Dragon Ba…Oops, wrong show.

100+ Nostalgic Cartoons 61-80

100 Nostalgic Cartoons To Binge Watch 7 of 10

61. Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends

I thought I was a weird and lonely kid for having imaginary friends until I’ve seen this show and I thought to myself, “Maybe I’m not so weird and lonely after all”.

62. Totally Spies

Charlie’s Angels would be proud of the girls in Totally Spies.

63. Danny Phantom

What would you do if all of a sudden you had ghost-like powers? Save the world of course.

64. Code Name Kids Next Door

No other show made being a kid cool like Code Name Kids Next Door. I wouldn’t mind joining their organization but I think now I’m too old to be accepted.

65. School House Rock

It may not be everybody’s favorite cartoon to watch but at least it was educational.

66. The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron

A kid with a brain the same size as his head. He may get in some trouble but all he needs is a brain blast and he’ll solve any issue that’ll come his way.

67. Tom and Jerry

A never-ending battle between cat and mouse. This was the pure definition of “On Sight”!

68. Static Shock

“I’ll put a shock to your system!” That’s what I would wake up to on Saturday mornings and I loved every second of it.

69. Teen Titan

I’m not sure if this is an unpopular opinion or not but Teen Titan is one of the best squads to come out of the DC universe. I could go into details but I’ll save that for another day.

70. As Told by Ginger

Your average teenage girl who is trying to navigate high school.

71. Pokémon

If you’re looking for determination then look no further because Ash Ketchum got you covered in his quest to be a Pokémon master.

72. Jetsons

Have you ever seen a guy get fired so often by the same boss?

73. Chalk Zone

Usually, when you think of chalks you think of writing the same sentence repeatedly on a chalkboard in detention. This show, however, gives chalk a whole new meaning with adventure and creativity.

74. Chowder

Cooking at its finest…is what I would say if Chowder wasn’t such a scatterbrain. Maybe he should get some tips from Sponge Bob.

75. Camp Lazlo

If you love spider monkeys and going to summer camp then this is the show for you.

76. Dora the Explorer

I got three words for you “SWIPER NO SWIPING!!!” That sums up most of my childhood.

77. My Life as a Teenage Robot

A robot who spend life as a teenage girl in high school. She also fights crime in her spare time.

78. Yu-Gi-Oh

We all own a case of Yugioh cards at one point in time. If your friends weren’t down to duel with you were they really your friends?

79. Sonic X

Never thought that I wanted to run fast until I saw Sonic the Hedgehog on my T.V. screen. You got to love it!

80. Superman

Faster than a speeding bullet and stronger than your biggest role model, who can beat him aside from Goku? I’ll wait.

100+ Nostalgic Cartoons 81-100

81. X Men

X Men is a prime example of how people will treat you when you’re different. Regardless of all that you can’t help but love a show when the whole squad is powerful.

82. The Justice League

All your favorite DC heroes on one team.

83. Batman Beyond

As kids, we didn’t care what Batman you give us. Just give us Batman and we’re satisfied.

84. Avatar the Last Air Bender

As a kid, I felt like I could bend all the elements. If I light a match then I was a fire bender. If I threw a rock then I was an earth bender. I blew air then I was an air bender and if I cry, spit, or pee then that makes me a water bender. That last one was TMI I know, #dontJudgeMe.

85. Yu Yu Hakusho

Who else remember coming home from school and turning on the T.V. to see Toonami and right then and there the coolest spirit detective is on your T.V. screen.

86. Ghost Busters

You don’t have to be scared of a ghost when you can call the ghostbuster.

87. Adventure Time

Name a duo better than Jake the dog and Finn the human.

88. Regular Show

Speaking of duo Mordecai and Rigby were a match made in heaven as well. I never knew you could make being lazy look cool until this show.

89. Winnie the Pooh

Winnie is too honey-like the teenage mutant ninja turtles are to pizza. They can’t live without it.

90. Braceface

Such an underrated show that deals with surviving high school.

91. Jar Dwellers SOS

Two siblings released creatures from a jar and these creatures have no intentions of going back, really who could blame them.

92. Rolie Polie Olie

This is the show to watch to learn life lessons and look at a robot-based character go on wacky adventures.

93. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Mickey is the life of the party and everybody from Disney is invited.

94. Tak and the Power of Juju

Video game turns cartoon live from the jungle.

95. Kenny The Shark

Can you imagine a pet shark that lives comfortably out of the water and acts like a real household pet? I honestly can’t!

96. Fanboy & Chum Chum

Hyperactive and energetic is how you can describe Fanboy and Chum Chum. They may not be too smart, but you got to love their enthusiasm.

97. The Mighty B

All girl and boy scouts would appreciate this show and the main character’s ambition to collect every Honeybee badge and become The Mighty B.

98. El Tigre

Having good friends is a blessing! In El Tigre two best friends have the adventure of their lives while they get in and out of trouble.

99. Oswald

An octopus and his pet hot dog who lives in a happy city. You got to love the positivity.

100. Pelswick

This is about a teenage boy who is in a wheelchair. One thing this show will teach you is that you can live a happy life no matter what the situation is.

100+ Nostalgic Cartoons 101-109

100+ Nostalgic Cartoons 7 of 8

101. The X’s

This is the Incredibles without the superpowers, but who needs superpowers when you and your family are spies?

102. Total Drama Island

Reality T.V. plus animation equals this show.

103. The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack

The adventures of a boy and a sea pirate. With the name Flapjack, they could have thrown some pancakes in the mix as well.

104. Johnny Test

With a talking dog and two geniuses for sisters, it is hard to not get into trouble.

105. Robot Chicken

Easily one of the craziest cartoon parody shows known to man.

106. Pink Panther

When I think of this show I think of the show’s theme song which is legendary. Every time I hear the theme I feel like a spy agent.

107. Ben 10

He had the power to transform into any alien unknown to man! Sign me up!

108. Beyblade

I think most kids own a Beyblade at one point in life hoping that the monsters would come out the Beyblade just like the show.

109. Digimon

This show focuses on monsters that live in the digital world but as a kid, I couldn’t help but compare this show to Pokémon.

100+ Nostalgic Cartoons That Will Make You Forget About Your Adulthood Worries 2 of 5

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