Why You Shouldn’t Try To Address Every Situation

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Every Situation Doesn’t Need An Opinion

Have you ever been in a situation where you felt the need to give your opinion about the situation? However, you had that gut feeling you really didn’t know all the facts? Well unless the situation is life-threatening, you might want to really consider what impact your opinion might have on the current situation before giving one. Some of us are opinionated by nature – it’s a common characteristic trait. However, not every situation warrants an opinion. Some situations only require listening ears and observant eyes.


Thinking Before Saying Anything

Honestly, I am one of these opinionated individuals.  If you are opinionated sometimes somethings just “grind your gears” and it becomes really difficult not to address it. However, over the years I have learned sometimes someone’s opinion can do more harm than good. So now I assess how my opinion will impact the situation by carefully evaluating all the factors involved. Hence, I think about whether my opinion is necessary, is it sincere, will it be useful and mainly am I adequately informed about the situation. Asking yourself these questions is necessary since people are going to continue to do what they want to do regardless of your personal feelings also once you voice your opinion there are no take backs.


Our Background Influences Our Decisions

Consequently, most people above the age of 18 have developed the mental capacity required to make rational decisions. However, making the right decision varies from individual to individual. What might be right based on one individual’s values and the current situation might not necessarily be the right decision for another individual. If you’ve heard people say, “If it was me I would have done things differently.” Well, guess what they might actually be right because people are different and a person’s reactions are heavily influenced by various factors based on the person’s background. So one will rarely find two individuals with the exact reaction to the same situation. Someone’s background highly influences the type of decisions they make and how they react to different situations.

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Be Silent And Be Still

If you ever had someone say to you, “you didn’t understand,” after you gave your opinion well chances are you really didn’t. Unless you are that person you are not really privy to all the facts pertaining to their life. Therefore often you can’t possibly fully understand why someone would make one decision and not another. That’s one of the main reasons sometimes you must be silent and be still since you will rarely have all the information. The best you can do is support and offer solutions only if they ask you.


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