Let’s Talk About BoxyLuxe Upgrade Fiasco

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Well, well, well, looks like BoxyCharm may have some serious competition after all, and I am here for it!

After the BoxyLuxe fiasco, Glam Bag Plus is launching just in time to collected BoxyCharm customers.

Lately, many Charmers have expressed concerns about BoxyCharm beauty boxes including too many variants.

However, BoxyCharm continues to include these variants.

BoxyLuxe Upgrade Fiasco

I didn’t get BoxyLuxe, so I was a little salty. However, after considering I recently subscribed to the service, I made my peace with it.

BoxyLuxe Upgrade

However, for early adopters who didn’t get the opportunity to upgrade before the official launch, this was definitely a slap in the face.

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Business 101

While not all customers are worth keeping, it’s way cheaper to keep the loyal customers you already have!

It’s flabbergasting how unprofessional the BoxyLuxe rollout was. Their “first come, first served” strategy completely ignored their long-time loyal customers.

While this new box was, undoubtedly, a great way to increase their subscribers and increase awareness, their loyal customers were left out.

The company’s marketing campaign may have been successful.

However, true success will be determined by the number of customers they keep after Glam Bag Plus is officially launched later this year.

Glam Bag Plus $25 Upgrade Situation

Has anyone received an email to upgrade yet? I am still over here clutching my pearls, waiting. Hopefully, Ipsy is learning from the BoxyLuxe upgrade fiasco.

Effective Beauty Box Upgrade

The best way to launch these upgrades is to allow the company’s first set of customers to upgrade, then slowly roll the service out to the newer customers.

This could be an effective strategy, especially if a company is unable to effectively predict demands or have limited quantities.

Any other strategy not putting loyal customers first will ruffle some feathers.

Glam Bag Plus, BoxyCharm New Competition

Who will gain a greater market share? Who will maintain a competitive advantage? Hmmm … As of right now, the ball is really in their court.

The demand for the service they offer is growing significantly.

However, customers are fickle, especially when they feel a company does not take their needs into consideration.

BoxyCharm Initial Business Model

BoxyCharm’s initial business model focused on distributing beauty boxes with no variants.

As the company grew, it started to include variants.

This may be due to their suppliers’ inability to supply the demanded qualities to complete each box or BoxyCharm just wanting to try something new to increase profit.

Overall, the most cited issue on MSA is too many random variations.

While it’s impossible to please every customer, sending variations encourages comparison among Charmers thereby, increasing the level of dissatisfaction among Charmers because many do not receive the item they really want.

If BoxyCharm reconsiders their initial business model, they can eliminate random variations and the comparison problem.

The Real Question Is Glam Bag Plus Or BoxyCharm

I am currently subscribed to both Ipsy and Boxycharm.

However, I am still waiting for an upgrade notification from Ipsy, and I was waitlisted for BoxyLuxe December box, so at this rate, I am just like many who feel left out.

Overall, they both offer a cheap alternative to sample beauty products.

However, so far by the Glam Bag Plus videos I have seen on YouTube, Glam Bag Plus might be serious competition even at a higher price range of $25 vs BoxyCharm $21 price tag.

Hopefully, BoxyCharm gets it together because the competition and customers will not wait.

Glam Bag Plus Or BoxyCharm

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